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I have observed tons of kids nowadays forming groups and clubs and that sort of thing very often, but what discerns me is that the numbers of people in these groups are HUGE!!! Not that it is a bad thing or anything, but are all these people truly friends? Or are some who are just tag- along’s? Did people actually start acting friendlier towards each other??? Not likely! Something like that does not just happen overnight, and the advancement in this century is not helping it either. People now want more of everything! More money, more gadgets, even more food!!! Yes… more food, just look around you, can you honestly say that people now are not eating more than before? If so then how come high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and pure obesity are very common now? Even for 10 year-old children! Anyways, back to the point, I am not saying that you should start questioning your best friend if she wants something from you or the sort, but you should start observing how your friends act around you, if the always dismiss you and act as if you are not there or do not take your opinion seriously then they are probably after something, like your mom’s credit money or for you to their homework for them, or maybe you got this unto yourself by forcing yourself on them and by becoming a tag along, you became a part of the POPULAR group, or the COOL group.

Why do you care so much about what people think?? If they don’t want to be your friends then it is their loss, don’t suppress your personality just because you want to be popular! Being popular is not everything! Another thing is that you can be unique, having a unique personality automatically ranks you above a popular person and the best thing is that it cannot be taken away, while popularity can be taken away in a whiff. Just try being unique and you will see that every one will automatically admire you, wants to be like you, and even wants to be friends with you, even teachers!!! Everyone likes unique and if you really are still not convinced about it, then it would it help if I told you that being unique leads to popularity? Yes!! It does!! I said that everyone would want to be your friend, right? And having everyone admire you and want to be your friend makes you automatically popular in every sense of the word.

So don’t be a tag-along, BE UNIQE! And don’t be ashamed of who you really are, because in the end, it all come down to who you are.

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