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Human rights are believed to be rights belonging to an individual despite the nationality, place of residence, color, sex and ethnic origin (Annas, Gradin & Tarantola 2013). Human rights are responsible in the establishment of the United Nations (UN). The development was to fight for the moral standards of political organization and behavior in a contemporary society. The fundamental requirement of morality is to make sure that people treat each other based on humanity and principles. Human principles have evolved into political force to fight human rights. The national center of human rights and political reign in the past never recognized the need for the universal human rights that led to disparities among people. The United State is one the countries that have issues with the rights of the minority groups such as African Americans, Hispanics, Women, Indians among others. The groups have experienced discriminations, abuse, and mistreatment by police, harsh sentences, and sexual harassment for women.

United States human rights are enriched in variety of international treaties and covenants. They represent moral standards of the international community. The human rights has been found most fighting for minority people such as African Americans, Hispanics, Indians, among other groups of the time. The issues that affect these groups include harsh sentencing, racial disparities in criminal justice, prison conviction, poverty, labor and rights of citizens in various aspects (Clerk 2001). The African Americans face racial discriminations and are likely to be arrested more than the whites are when it comes to crimes. For example, the human rights have accused authorities such as education admission board for discriminating minority groups during admission based on race. Moreover, they have been discriminated in places of work where they are denied chances to secure better jobs. These acts are termed as neglects of minority rights despite their constitutional rights in the 19th amendment law enacted by the congress. Consequently, the poor minority groups are likely to be detained in prison than the rich. This is because they lack enough money to bail themselves due to high rates of bailing in United States.

Moreover, the most minority groups are homeless and end up being arrested by the law that prohibits loitering and occupying public space. The human right organizations and groups have engaged in protests, demanding justice and equal rights to all and especially the minority groups. They have considered the releasing of the elderly and disabled people in prison and also make sure the law used on the poor and homeless is fair. Another issue that affects the rights of the minority people is health especially HIV/Aids (Annas, Grodin & Turantola 2013). Many states in U.S refused to expand medical services denying right to health for the poor and other minority groups. The issue forced the human right movements advocating for good health care in all Americans in accordance with the constitutions to push for development of health facilities in areas where the minority groups live. This is because good healthcare is mandated by human rights of healthcare in United States to make sure there is equality standard health for everyone especially women and disabled person.

Right of women is also important aspects in any state in the U.S since they are considered as a minority groups. The inequality of police to sexual assaults affected the female gender. Most police did not take sexual assaults seriously, this is because most still believe women have no right to express their concerns (Clerk 2001). This led to continuity suffering of women from sexual violence. Apart from the sexual assaults, the availability of contraceptives to all ages without description shows carelessness of the state towards the rights of those who possess them. The department of defense and health in America came up with a longstanding plan to secure the female gender especially young ones from the violence. They also reformed police departments in different places to ease the case of sexual assaults. It is evident that in U.S, the rights are mostly denied to those who are disabled, African American, the poor and female gender.

United Nations general Assembly and the commission on human rights based in United States promote understanding of principles and values based on democracy. The commission later allowed legislature and practical measures to consolidate democracy in the respect of freedom of association, expression and human rights to the minority. The charter organizations of America states have come up with ways to secure all rights for the minority groups. They ensure peaceful settlement of disputes by providing a common action in an event of aggression. The disputes are of great loss to any state. Most the people who engage in disputes are the minority. They destroy right to live by killing each other. The introduction of the charter organizations enabled secures the right to life. They also developed the inter-American convention on human rights which protect the rights to life. America is not the only country that faces these kinds of problems in regard to human rights.


           The main neglects of rights faced by minority groups in United States that are covered in this paper are experienced in most part of the world. In most cases, majority and people in the authority abuse the minority rights since they lack bargaining power. As a result, minorities groups are discriminated, abused, mistreated, and end up in poverty. The minority are only salvaged by human rights agencies that advocated for equality across the societies. The advocacy of human rights has been the voice of the minority groups in America. What every country should do is to be careful in the implementation of human rights to make sure there is no bias and everyone is treated equal.


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