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Serial, Parallel, and Game ports have for the most part been replaced by USB ports. USB or Universal Serial Bus is less bulky, faster, can be hot swapped, and up to 127 devices can be used. Early Mice used serial connectors and keyboards used a 5 pin bulky DIN connector. Modern Mice and Keyboards use PS/2, USB, or wireless type connectors. A NIC or Network Interface Card is what connects your computer to a local or distance network or the internet. The NIC converts parallel signal from the motherboard system bus into serial signal for the internet cable. A dial up Modem is used to connect to the internet. At speeds of 56kbps, it is the slowest way to connect.

Modern computers use two types of video output ports, VGA port (analog) and DVI port (digital). In addition an S-video port might be equipped as an output for the TV. There are two types of monitors on the market today, CRT and LCD. CRT Monitors or Cathode Ray Tube uses a tube similar to old television screens. CRT Monitors contain an electric charged storage capacitor, deadly if touched. LCD Monitors or Liquid Crystal Display uses TFT technology or Active Matrix. There are several specifications to conceder when choosing a monitor. Such as Screen Size, Contrast Ratio, Refresh Rate Interlacing (CRT), Response Time (LCD), Resolution, and much more. Modern Computers also have Video Buses and Video Cards.

In today’s systems there are three types’ printers, Dot Matrix, Inkjet, and Laser. The first Type is Dot Matrix; this Printer uses a cluster of pins that strike the ink ribbon much like a type-write

r. This form of typing is used for multi-part printing. The second type is Inkjet; this printer uses

two different forms of printing. The first is Thermal Bubble and the other is Piezoelectric Technology. The third type is Laser; these printers use a six step printing process. Some of these steps involve 600 volts of positive and negative charge. These are just some of the most common types of printers. However there are other types as well. It’s also good to know that all printers use different kinds of interfaces. Remember when installing a printer to always run the installation CD first.

1) Types of Ports
a) USB1b) USB2 c) Serial d) IEEE 1394a e) PS/2 f) Parallel g) Ethernet 2) Port Connections and there uses
3) Types of Cables used for each connection
4) Devices that use these ports
5) Monitors
b) Screen Size
c) Refresh Rate, Response Time, Resolution
* Fixed and Native
d) Configuration
e) Connectors
f) Video Buses
g) Video Cards
h) Troubleshooting
i) Warning
6) Printers
j) Types of Printers
* DOT Matrix
* Pins and Ink Ribbon, Multi-Part printing and uses a track to feed form * Inkjet
* Thermal Bubble and Piezoelectric, requires special paper * Laser
* Electrophotography, six step printing process
k) Printer Interfaces
* 25 pin, Centronics, SCSI, USB, Wireless
l) Installation
* Run CD first

1) NIC – (Network Interface Card) converts parallel communication to serial. 2) Serial – Transfers one bit at a time, Male, 9 – 25 pins 3) Parallel – 8 bits at a time, Female, 25 pins
4) Game Port – Female, 15 pins (2 rows)
5) Modem – slowest way to connect to the internet through the phone line 6) CRT – Cathode-ray Tube
7) LCD – Liquid Crystals
8) Contrast Ratio – Radio of Purest white to Purest Black 9) Pixel Pitch – (LCD) Resolution
10) Video Card – The video card is an expansion card that allows the computer to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor or projector.

There are so many Ports and Connections on a computer, that it’s very important to know the difference. What each connection is doing is important to know to help when troubleshooting. Cables are made with different materials for performance reasons. So depending what to cable is used for, you can buy a high performance one. New technology is constantly evolving and rapidly taking over the old. I also learned how to set up a new printer, and how to link it to others in a network. I learned some of the procedures of printing. And how to configure a monitor and troubleshoot some other computer devices.

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