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Justice and Fairness has a categorical imperative has two criteria for determining moral rights and wrong. It is called universalizability and reversibility. Universalizability means the person’s reasons for acting must be reasons that everyone could act on at least in principle and Reversibility means the person’s reasons for acting must be reasons that he or she would be willing to have all others use, even as a basis of how they treat him or her. And this is Kantian theory that focuses on interior motivations. The second formulation Kant gives of the categorical imperative is this: “Act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a means, but always at the same time as an end.” Or never treat people only as means, but always also as ends. I think Kantian theory has its advantages and disadvantages like utilitarianism because Kantian theory can set them apart from things such as tools or machines and that is incompatible with their being manipulated, deceived, or otherwise unwillingly exploited to satisfy the self-interests of another. And its disadvantages are its not always precise to be useful and sometimes it shows the theory goes wrong. But I think I like Kantian theory more because of its fairness to the people and respect for each other.

In justice and fairness there should be impartialness in it and things like there’s no biasness in the process I think to have justice and fairness u have to be unbiased on everyway fair judgement on other s even in decision making or on distributing wealth. It can be called rules as fair play. Justice and fairness has its principles Equality Neutrality Consistency Dessert Need “Fair Share” “Fair Play” Standing Trust. Why do we need these principles? Because if we don’t have these principles, justice and fairness can’t be done properly. When principles of justice operate ineffectively or not at all, confidence in society’s institutions may be undermined. Citizens or group members may feel alienated and withdraw their commitment to those “unjust” institutions. Or, they may rebel or begin a revolution in order to create new institutions. If justice principles are applied effectively, on the other hand, that society will tend to be more stable and its members will feel satisfied and secure. So in conclusion justice and fairness should be followed by all means this is a fact that I understand by reading this. It also concur to me that justice and fairness has principles for our safety and I also realized that there can’t be justice without fairness and there is no fairness without justice.

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