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Unreasonable number of hours spent on TV Essay Sample

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Unreasonable number of hours spent on TV Essay Sample

Unreasonable number of hours spent on TV is another factor which has negative impacts on the culture of a society. This affects in number of ways; speaking in terms of health; amongst children, it is likely to cause psychological and physiological problems. According to Kevin Buckley, “Watching too much TV may distort the hormonal balance of adolescents and push them to early puberty, say researchers. ” A study was carried out in which the researchers kept 74 children under consideration aged between 6 and 12, who were habitual of watching TV at an average of three hours a day.

These children were made to watch TV a week before carrying out an experiment on them. Later on, they were not permitted to watch TV for seven days. In the end, it was found out that the children’s melatonin levels had raised by an average of 30%, especially in the youngest children, (Hooper, 2004). Television viewing at an early age of 1-3 can also be linked with attention problems during the later stage of life (7 years).

According to Pediatrics journal, a study was carried out on children who spent an average of 2. hours per day on TV at an age of one and 3. 6 hours per day at the age of three which proved the above mentioned statement. TV viewing at around 5 hours at the age of one can stimulate attention deficit hyperactive disorder at the age of seven with 28% increase in its likelihood, which means that for each additional hour spent by children aged 1-3 on watching TV can increase their likelihood of possessing such a disorder by 10 % (Christakis, 2004).

Moreover TV can also affect the emotional health of children. TV advertisements are the major culprits in this case; which are designed in such a way so as to provoke children and ruin their self-esteem. According to James Steyer, it is obvious that those children who become targets of such kinds of advertisements feel like losers unless they finally get hold of that particular product promoted in an advertisement.

In addition to this, majority of the television advertisements promote junk food, increasing the likelihood of children to prefer such kinds of unhealthy food items. (LimiTV- promoting growth and achievement). Children become poor victims of ugly advertising, which is actually adding to the alarming rate of obesity in the world, for example in Australia, 9 million of the total 21 million people are suffering from obesity (Medindia, 2008).

The situation is highly critical, keeping the above mentioned facts into consideration, a society in which majority of people give a lot of priority to television, regardless of its disadvantages, have a different way of living; it cannot be expected that the members of a particular society could actually practice their culture in such an atmosphere. The probability is low, as people find themselves already engaged in several other activities such as watching their favourite programmes on TV, treating the victims of TV misuse or repeating the same activities and simply forgetting their own cultural tasks.

Culture refers to the patterns of human knowledge, belief, behaviour, customs, and language which belongs to a group of people in a society and is developed and maintained over a number of years. Television viewing has become a necessity in the lives of people mainly for entertainment, evading boredom; its misuse is in vogue these days which is highly affecting the health of a number of individuals in a number of societies, however, the rate at which these health problems are affecting people is not being acknowledged by people which is due to lack of awareness.

Every drop of water makes an ocean”, this is what is going on gradually in this world. The health of people is being deteriorated; misuse of TV is one of the major reasons. In this state, where people are steadily becoming victims, culture is not being practiced with vigour and enthusiasm which is the prime necessity for the development of society. Patterns of life have changed ever since the introduction of televisions in various societies.

According to a research, those teenagers, who are not permitted to watch television at home, are likely to watch their favourite TV programme at a friend’s home (Hooper, 2004). This has nothing to do with the promotion of cultural values as television viewing easily made people over-look their cultural tasks; No activity is being carried out to practice or enrich culture, thus speaking in terms of development of culture; the result is negligible.

Another problem caused by TV viewing is improper time management. Firstly, with reference to the typical initial stages of life where; as children those simple tasks like colouring, painting, drawing and playing with toys was involved during those pre-school days, which actually improved hand-eye coordination and later in life on joining school, they easily would learn to write and draw letters.

This used to be the fairly simple and advantageous case when children were not exposed to TV, with the onset of TV; during the pre-school days, children started spending more time on watching TV instead of carrying out those activities which used to interest them the most, on joining school, those children suffered from problems related to their writing skills, which was actually due to insufficient manual dexterity. The main problem here is about bad management of time and its link with TV.

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