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Urbanization is the growth of the population in a given area. Some of the growth trends are fertility, migration, and mortality. In poorer countries, people who cannot afford to support the population, they migrate to the cities where they can have more opportunities. The opportunities that they might encounter are either a different occupation or a better job so they can support their families. The places that they moved away from to try and better themselves are suffering from an economic slowdown. Which in return, the places that they moved to are starting to suffer from economic growth too. Cairo, Egypt is one of the numerous countries that are suffering from extreme urbanization. Over half of its population is currently living in cities. There are experts that predict that this trend will continue to cause millions to move there. Believe it or not, urbanization affects the environment.

The reason it does this is because of the concentration of one area and its massive use of resources. In Cairo, housing people is an issue as there are desperate needs of more shelters. With this not being done right away, it has created even more complicated structures of buildings. Some of the buildings consist of more than one story. The people who have less money than the rich live in a poorer and worse condition. Some of those conditions consist of agricultural lands versus residential areas. The people with more money live comfortably in a more developed community, which would be your residential areas.

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