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The focus of this paper is to analyze the united states of labor website. First, the paper indentifies the various features of the website, and uses the features in discussing the various benefits entitled to the employees. Thereafter, it shows how the employers use this website in verifying the various benefits that the government bestows its employees. Next, it elucidates how the employees rely on this website in verify the security of their benefits. Finally, as a summation of the whole paper, it outlines the key things of the website (United States Department of Labor, 2009). Describe the major features of this Website and how each feature can be used to monitor employee benefits The objectives of the Department of Labor (DOL) are multifaceted.

First, the aim of the DOL is to reinforce, support and nurture the welfare of the employees those that already employed, those seeking for jobs as well as those that are retired from the public offices. In addition, the Department of Labor guarantees favorable working conditions for all the employees within the United States as well as create opportunities for productive employment. As well, DOL ensure that workers receive benefits and rights pursuant to the law (New York State-DO L, 2006). Furthermore, DOL strives to enhance working conditions and create opportunities for the unemployed population. Furthermore, it ensures that employers comply with the employees welfare regulations while advancing retirement and healthcare benefits. Furthermore, DOL assists employers in finding competent workforce, reinforce mutual bargaining of workers and monitor any changes happening in the workplaces, implement restrictive measures to protect employers from exploiting their workforce (New York State-DO L, 2006).

Moreover, DOL governs and executes over 180 federal policies. The laws and regulations used to enforce these policies cover a wide range of work-related activities and incorporate close to ten million employers and nearly 125 million employees. Some of the laws administered by the DOL include laws that protect the rights of workers, such as, safe and favorable working conditions minimum wage rate and overtime bonus liberty from discrimination unemployment cover insurance and other income support services (United States Department of Labor, 2009). The section in the website illustrating the health plans and benefits contains comprehensive information. It contains various parts that are very helpful, which allows an employee to check whether the expected benefits are compliant with the law. Besides, there are other subtopics that give information about the health of women, especially those suffering from cancer and their protection pursuant to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (United States Department of Labor, 2009).

Furthermore, the website provides information in Spanish language for the Hispanic workers. The website as well features a section for the Frequently Asked Questions which helps in explaining the laws explicitly, their coverage and suitability. Each section gives a comprehensive description sequentially. In essence, the Department of Labor (DOL) website serves as groundwork for the employees in monitoring their employment benefits (United States Department of Labor, 2009). Explain how employers could verify that their employee benefits comply with all federal laws by using this resource. Employers as well rely on the DOL website to verify whether their employees benefits comply with the federal laws. In other words, they rely on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act implemented in 1974, which establishes the minimum requirements for retirement and health benefit programs.

The Act requires only those that meets the criterion for acquiring these employment benefits, thus, the employer is excluded. The Act covers section such as retirement, healthcare and employment benefit programs, for instance, life, disability and apprenticeship programs. As well, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires that those persons responsible for managing plans must comply with particular standards of behavior. Explain how employees would use this information to ensure their benefits rights are protected.

Through the Department of Labor website, employees are able to attain their rights, such as The right to job security, right to sue employers for unplanned dismissal, right for employment equality and so forth, For instance, the employment discrimination provisions empowers the employees to claim for equity in their particular workplaces regardless of their social status, nationality, gender, race, ethnicity and so forth. Create an outline of the Website so that you could orient others to its usefulness for regulatory compliance Health Plans and Benefits Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Provides workers with the right to decide whether to continue claiming for the benefits based on certain situations like, loss of job, transfer between jobs and so forth Give employees the opportunity to enjoy a short-term continuation of health benefits during certain circumstances (New York State- Department of Health, 2006).

Cobra also empowers the employees and their families to decide on whether to continue or cease from continuing with health coverage. As well, the Act requires employees to give notice before ceasing from the health coverage Offers a comprehensive outline of the key regulations of COBRA. COBRA Continuation Coverage Assistance Under ARR Act Offers information and guidance for reductions and allowances pursuant to the healthcare ARRA healthcare benefits (New York State- Department of Health, 2006). Frequently Asked Questions Gives answers to the questions commonly asked regarding COBRA Consumer Information on Health Plans Presents fact sheets, pamphlets and healthcare plan information retrieved from Departments Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA).

Compliance Assistance Creates publication materials to help employers and employees understand and comply with the ERISA prerequisites (U.S. Census Bureau, 2005). Portability of Health Coverage (HIPAA) Frequently Asked Questions Responds to frequently asked questions, especially, those linked to HIPAA, such as, how bankruptcy may affect the employees benefits Health Plan and HIPAA It provides the information on the following major Acts Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Newborns and Mothers Health Protection Act Mental Health Parity Act Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act. F. Retirement and Health Care Coverage i) Responds to grievances raised by the dislocated workers regarding their pension funds and healthcare benefits G. Ways in Health benefits work for you – This section provides employees with detailed information in making effective decisions regarding their health programs.

The information is often provided in Espanola (New York State- Department of Health, 2006). – The section under Making Health Choices offers information on the need of safeguarding healthcare rights when faced with certain life circumstances, such as , job loss (U.S. Census Bureau,2005). – also serves as a guide in making health benefit choice based on certain life events, like marital status, child adoption and so forth(New York State- Department of Health, 2006). In summation, this paper focused on analyzing the United States Department of Labor website. Overall, this paper particularly focuses in illustrating the various issues surrounding the employers and employees welfare. Therefore, the various Labor Acts the government implements are reflected in the DOL website. In this regard, DOL website identifies the various sections that touch on the welfare of the employees, especially, the health plan rights and benefits.

Besides, the website shows how the employers rely on the various labor laws and regulations in verifying the authenticity of the rights and benefits claimed by their employees. At the end, the paper gives a summation of the various features contained in the website as a way of urging the non-users to make use of this important government resource (United States Department of Labor, 2009)


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