Use and Abuse of Internet Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Computers and computer-websites can now be linked and are linked through satellite to form an internet.Internet is a very refined medium of communication and through it any message ( e – mail)can be sent anywhere in the world.Just by opening a website on your computer and installing a modem,you can find out about anything in the whole world by pressing the mighty mouse.Through internet you can search the world market to find a certain useful book ,you can do shopping,you can seek any kind of information,you can see movies and listen to any kind of music,you can see results of examinations and competitions,you can converse anyone anywhere in the world,and you can even get a job.There are schools in some foreign countries where students can do their homework on the computer and it can be checked by the teacher through internet without anyone going anywhere.

Websites offering a touch-and-try on internet add excitement to planning holidays.Travel websites offer everything one need to know-from foreign exchange regulations,passport and visa details to weather information,cost-effective online booking,staying accommodation,travel links from place to place and a number of other items of info

rmation. Women in distress can find help quickly,at the click of

the mouse.There are websites that give woman exact information about their legal rights and what they should be doing in case of harassment or matrimonial disputes.Women in distress now have the option of launching their complaints on the internet.All they need to do is log on to a particular site ,write about their problem and there will be a sea of information and counseling guidance at their disposal from experts.

Internet can become a bane if it is used rationally and for good purposes.By using the internet excessively and doing chatting with some unknown people just for fun ,the youngsters may waste their valuable time and harm their eyesight.They may also indulge in mischief,which may harm their morals.Only recently two school going boys were caught in Delhi who had created a pornographic website on the internet and were showing to other boys.

Another misuse of internet can be in offering fake jobs,transactions etc. on the internet.An example of this was reported in The Hindustan Times of June 8th,2001.”The Economic Offence Wing of the Crime Branch has arrested two managing directors of a company for duping scores of people of Rs 70 lakhs.The accused had launched a website by falsely claiming that they had a collaboration with the Union Surface Transport Ministry.”

A major drawback of internet is now coming to light with the rapid use of multimedia mobiles.Some mentally sick people capture the private moments of others as well as their own and put these on the internet. Innocent girls are becoming victims of this MMS saga .This more often than not spoils their lives.

To sum up ,internet is a great power and it helps us immensely only if used in a right manner.If used in a wrong manner can prove disastrous.It is a double edged sword.

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