Use of Lateral Collaboration and Vertical Collaboration Within Ge Oil & Gas Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Use of lateral collaboration and vertical collaboration within GE Oil & Gas ·Identify and provide an example of the use of lateral collaboration and vertical collaboration within the organization, and prepare an action plan to use lateral and vertical collaboration.

The type of collaboration directly depends upon the organizational structure of an organization. Having a look at the organogram of GE Oil & Gas, it can be seen that the CEO heads the organization. Under the CEO come 9 presidents or chairmen. The other employees including workers and laborers are under these 9 presidents and chairmen. The fact that under one person (the CEO) immediately come 9 other heads shows that the organizational setup is horizontal. (GE Company Organizational Chart) Hence, the lateral collaboration will be more elaborate in case of GE Oil & Gas. Here, the lateral collaboration will be used between the top management and the middle management. As we know that lateral decision making is more practiced in such a setup and hence decisions and organizational changes are more organic instead of planned, such can also be easily seen in case of GE Oil & Gas. (Anderson, Differences Between Horizontal & Vertical Organizations) However the fact is that an organization cannot wholly and solely depict one specific type of collaboration: different situations require different measures.

There hierarchy seems to be horizontal here, but when we consider the organogram below these 9 chairmen and presidents, it is very much vertical. So the collaboration and decision making has

to be vertical here. Vertical collaboration means that the seniors work together with the juniors to

accomplish everyday tasks of the company in a structured manner. (Vertical Collaboration) The action plan is that vertical collaboration is viable in lower level of the organization while lateral or horizontal collaboration is the solution in the upper level hierarchy of the organization. Identify the key stakeholders and their roles needed to achieve the organizational goals, and recommend the collaborative interactions among the key stakeholders to facilitate the organization’s success. Every company’s stakeholders are of an immense importance. For the formulation of any rules or the decision making, stakeholders are held under consideration. The Board of Directors and the Risk Committee of GE have a very fundamental role in the lapsing and administration of the company. Massive deal of responsibility arises with such superior management.

The Board of Directors keeps track of the requirements of the shareholders and other stakeholders. The fulfillment of such desires of other stakeholders is important for the benefit of the company. For the well being of the company the GE’s directors have implemented the corporate governance principles. It is to ensure that the company has full control over any crises and is sovereign of decision making. GE gives an opportunity for the managers and the executives to be highly qualified and dexterous about their job. This is guaranteed by their training on how to interact with the stakeholders under the supervision and headship classes.

To assist and fortify GE’s ability to be a capable and a successful company there has to be some collaborative interactions between the stakeholders. In order to run a smooth administration the stakeholder’s interactions are very significant. Entities might belong to different set of groups and have multiple perspectives. They can only be of any use to the company if they work together with bearing the company’s prosperity in mind. The owners of the company must work together for all the requirements of the costumers. Making the clients’ desires the number one priority will make GE a enhanced company. The stakeholders and the companies themselves must involve the government itself. This is to persuade them to enforce the laws so that some civilized and profitable work can be achieved. (Case Study of General Electric Co.)

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