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In this assignment I will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using external sources compared to internal recruitment. As well as being able to analysis and access the different methods used. Businesses promote to increase AWARENESS, They may also wish to persuade, remind or strengthen a brands image. Adverts can include methods such as: Billboards, Buses, Posters, Pictures, Leaflets, Direct mail, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Air balloons, Uniforms, Classified, Hand-out. A business can find that it has spent all of its money on promotion but that there is no real effect on sales, promotion can be expensive but if it is not right sort of promotion can be ineffective, on the other hand it is sometimes be true that promotion that is free or very cheap can be just as effective as an expensive promotional campaign. A smaller business will obviously have less of a promotion budget than a larger one. This will limit to certain media. A reminder that advertising should attract Attention, create Interest, develop Desire and to Action. Internal Recruitment: involves employing current staff.

External Recruitment: involves employment from staff outside the company.

Internal Recruitment: filling vacancies from within the business through promotion, retraining or relocation. Newsletters –
The owner knows how well the employee works and the promotion will cause the employee to work harder It is cheaper and quicker to recruit
No new/different ideas can be introduced as this source of recruitment is looking to fill vacancies from within the existing workforce Another job vacancy is now available and would need to be filled in Shop Windows –

The candidates already know how the business works as well as knowing the ins and outs’ this is easy when recruiting internally because the person is already familiar with the system. The business/manager will already know the strengths and weakness of the employee and will be able to give them extra support to turn those weaknesses into strength. Disadvantages:

They will need to be re-trained as well as having a limited choice. This may cause bitterness with employees that’ have not been selected

External Recruitment: Using means outside the company to advertise vacancies.

Recruitment Agencies – An organisation, external to the company that assists in the recruitment place. Advantages:
They are able to bring in new skills and save the new company as they don’t need to retrain their employees. People will have more experience
The owner could have already thought of what his expectations are from the employee in order to fill in the gap. It Is a much longer process
TV Advertisements –
New ideas will be given to the company as a fresh approach can help, and as an accomplishment a competitor could be use of to ring in key information as to what exactly they need from a valid candidate, whether its key information such as education qualifications, they have a driving licence, something to company could use in order to improve the business. A bigger range of candidates will help the company to find out their best candidate. Disadvantages:

Costly due to having to pay for advertisements to attract others in to working for the business, it will also be time consuming as it will take longer for the recruitment. 5. Comparison – In comparison to both methods of internal and external strategies of recruitment, the only difference between the two different categories will be the way in which new employees are introduced to a new position. Internal recruitment allows the company to allow an employee to step up the ladder this may include staff resigning, or perhaps a promotion has taken place. External recruitment allows the company to bring a different body into the business organisation in hope that a difference will be made or to simple fill out the empty position. Most companies will hire/employ someone from a different experiences background in order to bring in fresh ideas in which the business could use in case of diverse approach.

Internal recruitment benefits the business as they know the business from the back of their hand, they will be able to make quick service and to access situations with profession. It will also save time and money spent in rearranging training days for the new client. 6. Conclusion – In my conclusion I recommend that businesses should recruit internally, as when the business advertises their vacancies on billboards, or in the newspapers all cost money, it is best to keep it simple as only a handful of candidates are needed, and only a handful of candidate need an interview. An internal recruit will save money as they will not demand a sudden pay rise, it is normally asked for a modest increase would be enough as they are being promoted for a new position which carries out its own new responsibilities.

It will also reduce training time, this is another costly application which the company/business spends on that is unnecessary at times, a candidate is also familiar with the business so there is no need for another course of training as they would know as well as already having the knowledge how things are done. Possible outcome can be being promoted from assistant manager to a manager; they will have the role of performing similar tasks and activities’. Each organisation will have a handful of candidates which are highly motivated, if a person gives 110% of effort it is more likely to take charge of another position which would be higher as their efforts are noticed and have been taken on board.

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