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In recent years, laptop computers have been playing a ubiquitous role in society. Generally speaking, there are more and more people carrying them along in restaurant, airport lounges and bookstores. On the other hand, laptops are also an important component in the educational process. As a matter of fact, they do offer an array of advantages, while some people think using laptops in the classroom is a learning impediment and a distraction. Although some people suggest that laptops should be banned in class, using laptops can be more beneficial in enhancing learn experience, convenience of note taking and class activities, efficient communication in class, and spelling skills of students with learning disabilities. Some people believe that laptops have no benefits for students to use in class and it distracts students from in-class learning activities; however, a majority of college students own computers and wireless devices and believe that Internet use has enhanced their learning experience in class.

At first, students using laptops in class had higher motivation. Moreover, in terms of a mount of studies, laptops have also been shown to improve student achievement or learning. According to the report “Students also reported that laptops provided support for academic activities such as being able to access resources, following lecture notes, and participating in computer tasks during class. In addition, students noted that laptops contributed to their academic success by helping them to focus better in class, organize themselves, and improve their overall academic efficiency. With respect to communication, some students mentioned that laptops helped them share information and notes with their peers. For a smaller subset of students, learning new technology, addressing special needs (e.g., attention deficit or English as a second language), and having access to administrative course information were viewed as beneficial.” (Robin H.) , laptops do help students with study experience.

Opponents of some people claim that students use handwriting to take note is much more reliable, and student can also use books to do the research whenever they want. Using laptop to take notes or edit electronic documents is much more convenient and faster than handwriting and doing research. With laptops, students can simply make modifications digitally, adding sections, correcting spelling, or moving elements of an electronic document. Several research studies reported that a majority of students thought that laptops were effective for note-taking. As a report mentioned, “Students reported that note-taking was the most prevalent and important laptop activity they participated in during class. Almost two-thirds of the students agreed that this activity consumed 50 to 100% of their time. A majority of students (57%) also noted that academic-based laptop activities were conducted over 50% of the time during a standard class. Furthermore, over 70% of the students agreed that laptops were important with respect to their overall academic success” (Robin H.).

Some students type much faster than they hand-write. This may mean they do not write all the information they should have.Since many universities provide free access to the Internet, a laptop computer allows students to research, collaborate and collect information almost anywhere in the university environment. Many think that laptop use in class cut down the students’ personal communication with teachers and classmates. Computers allow students to efficiently communicate with others across the Internet. Through email, chat rooms, discussion boards and other digital communication methods, students can exchange ideas and information with others. Sharing the information with laptop is faster than talking.

Meanwhile, many people involved in school education are able to finish their studies. On the contrary, there is a number of students with learning disabilities in school, and they need assistance. Fortunately, using laptops in classroom can help them with improve spelling skills. According to the test of samples, averagely, the students who use laptops had less spelling mistakes after the interposal than they did before the interposal. What’s more, those students, who were the subjects of the test, are sufficient wisdom and study for the same time as well as other students; but they are informed to have important difficulties in spelling (Eden, 259). Overall, laptop as a high-technology product, it can be seen that its advantages are much more beneficial which compared to its disadvantages. Obviously, Laptops can challenges students’ assumptions, motivates students to participate, help students’ with learning and producing, and so on. How to make it beneficial for studying depend on students’ consciousness, but its benefits cannot be concealed.

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