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Imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful pink sand, clear blue waters stretching out as far as the eyes can see, one hand with a natural cut coconut filed with coconut water inside, music to your liking and the sun, perfect temperature as if it was set to treat you. According to this country has 29 islands, 661 cays and over 2,000 islets, providing an exotic playground to adventure-thirsty tourists. Today I plan to tell you why it is that the next vacation spot you pick will be most intriguing. May it be the colorful reefs in sparkly blue clear waters on the tropical islands dotted with high-class luxury resorts, or the life of adventure, wildlife and a commoner, there is something for everyone. Well, If you didn’t realize it by now you will be taking a vacation in Paradise, The Bahamas.

First I would like to address the luxurious resorts and their beaches. Currently there are 2 major big name hotels in the bahamas, atlantis and bahamar, but today I will talk about one, Atlantis. At Atlantis there is much to do with or without money. Serving up beachside cocktails and an endless list of activities in a setting fit for royalty, the all-inclusive resorts that decorate many of the islands are out of this world. As you pay attention to the scenery you notice the soothing and relaxing flow of the atmosphere. At Atlantis its not shocking to see a well known actor or music star walking pass you. According to the Atlantis has a 4.5 out 5 star rating and is considered as one the best luxurious hotels in the world. There are lots of casinos to visit in the Bahamas, giving gambling tourists a chance to win some money while vacationing. The Atlantis Resort is one of a handful of Vegas-styled casinos that serve up decent gambling odds and cheap drinks. The Bahamas luxury resorts and beaches offer many different activities for tourist satisfaction. If you feels as though luxury is the norm how about trying something different.

As a country with tourism being the number one industry all focus is placed on tourist and their needs. Not all tourist want to come to the Bahamas and just experience the same old luxury of a life. Some of you may want to see whats out there, the wild life of the Bahamas or a Bahamian Citizen. If discovering and visiting other islands that are not known interest you, some of the islands are still pristine and have not been over-run with tourists. Take a trip to Andros Island which is an remarkable place notwithstanding the fact that it’s right near Florida. This pristine island is home to only a handful of hotels and beach houses, and you can live like a local if you want to. Deep sea fishing, bone fishing, reef fishing, spear fishing… the Bahamian Islands are nestled right in the middle of some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the world! According to all the islands are flat, rising only 66 feet at their highest point, but both land and water are loaded with wildlife and vegetation unlike anywhere else in the world. From the white and or pink, sandy beaches and eye-catching coral to the brilliant birds and exquisite vegetation, tourists treasure the Bahamas for the natural diversity.

There are no two identical Bahamas vacations. With options as diverse as its 700 islands, the Bahamas may seem schizophrenic: is it a family destination, a place for lovers to sneak away, a gambling mecca, or a shopper’s world market? The answer is, yes. It’s all that and more. Today I have explained to you the beauty of the luxury hotels along with their beaches and the adventurous life possible within the Bahamas. I hope that I have in some way influence you on why Paradise should be your next vacation spot.

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