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Vacation Is No Need Essay Sample

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Vacation Is No Need Essay Sample

It was in the midst of October when we had our semestral break. It was around October 22-28, 2012. My thoughts were filled of joyous and momentous events, fun and enjoyable activities, more of sleeping late, more of waking up late, lots of free time, assignments-free, chores-free, more of just slacking off my ass on the bed doing nothing, more on speakers to the max volume, singing along with my favorite artists, and more of enjoying life and finding its true meaning. BUT! There’s a capital B-U-T! I guess it’s the other way around. My life was almost crashed; my thoughts were shattered in a blink of an eye when I heard something bad; not really bad, actually it’s for my own good, but you know as a student I’m also the lazy type. I heard that I, WE rather, are having our mentoring for the preparation of the upcoming Division Schools’ Press Conference. My semestral break is doomed.

I, as one of the participants of Press Con, belonged in the category of Photojournalism (Filipino). I thought it was the end of my happiness; to not being able to enjoy my semestral break. The fact that I’m spending it in school kills me. With all the teachers and staffs in our school, how am I supposed to enjoy? But nonetheless, it wasn’t that bad of a fact, even though camera was always with me, to capture life; as part of our training they said. The sound of the camera shuttering annoys me, it’s like I’m going to be killed if I can’t produce a good image. It bothers me seeing good scenery and yet not being able to capture it. Still I was grateful of having been able to participate in that 1-week mentoring; I guess it let out the best in me; to become a good young journalist; to become a responsible young journalist; and to become a trusted young journalist. I learned that no matter how the idea disinterests your emotions, you must learn to appreciate everything; I learned to be patient at times when I need to wait for my co-journalists for us to start; I learned to be responsible at times when our mentor asked us to take pictures of designated techniques; I learned to appreciate at times when my takes weren’t that good; and most of all, I learned to manage my time at times when I was so exhausted from our training and having in my mind that I still have many assignments to do.

I can say that this mentoring thingy is not a pain in the ass but rather a blessing in disguise. So that’s it; that’s how I spend my semestral break, no beaches, no pools and no travels, kind of boring? Naaah. It was really great. It taught me a lot of lessons which can be applied throughout my whole existence.

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