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The company that I chose to compare to my Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary is Pfizer. Pfizer is a multination pharmaceutical company; they develop and produce medicines and vaccines for a wide range of conditions. Pfizer is a company had an annual income of 67 Billion dollars last year (P., 2012). Some of the popular products that Pfizer makes are Advil, Celebrex, Viagra and Lipitor. The reason I chose Pfizer is because I have always been interested in the company because it is their moral obligation to serve the people of the world community with pharmaceutical goods for the betterment of the life of the community.

I will first talk about my Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring. The ethical profile states that I am most closely aligned with Obligation. On the other hand, I am least closely aligned with equity. According to the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management obligation is; [ethical decisions are made based on responsibility and loyalty. Moral decisions are based on standards set during upbringing, in the workplace, and in society. Individuals such as me whom fit into this perspective focus on each the intent instead of results. Important principals for this perspective include: respect, human dignity, and individual freedom. This perspective stresses the importance of treating everyone like a human being instead of a means to accomplish a given task.](Pfizer, 2011) I believe that this fits me the best because my decisions are based on how my upbringing.

My parents and friends showed me what was ethical and what wasn’t. I build my ethical decisions on what I was taught was ethical and on. I believe in treating everyone like a human instead of basing my decisions on the task at hand. I believe that Pfizer is aligned in this by being a pharmaceutical company their core value or vision is “At Pfizer, we’re inspired by a single goal: your health. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing new, safe medicines to prevent and treat the world’s most serious diseases. And why we are making them available to the people who need them most. We believe that from progress comes hope and the promise of a healthier world” (Pfizer, 2011). I believe that this aligns with how I believe my ethics are, Pfizer believe for the betterment of the world and to treat everyone as human and to help keep humans healthy and living.

The Other ethical profile that I am the least aligned with is Equity. According to the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management the ethics “perspective is based on lack of knowledge and human judgment. People fitting in the criterion are very resourceful by using their daily experiences as a guide to make ethical decisions. Decisions are judged based solely on practical consequences of the actions to follow. Each situation is judged separately from a practical and objective point of view. People who fall into the perspective of equity believe “that there are no absolute standards of right and wrong” (Pfizer, 2011). I believe that this is my least trait in my ethical profile is because; I believe that there is a right on wrong to everything ethical.

There is no gray area when it comes to ethical decisions, if there was a gray are then the decision you are making is not ethical. There is a right on wrong when it comes to ethical decisions. For example, when we were talking about the Penn State Assistant Coach, it was a black and white decision when it comes to what he saw and what he needed to do. On the other hand he believed it was a gray area and he went that way, I don’t believe that his decision was correct. With Pfizer their value statement shows that they believe that there is no gray area but just black and white, they are to help people through medicine and that’s it. There is no gray area when it comes to health; you are in the business to help sick people and to provide longevity of life.

A situation that I would think of is if Pfizer made an ethical decision that would move over to the gray area. For example, if a third world country had a lack of medical supplies or medicines and Pfizer had the ability to use the medicines they produce to help this third world country. On the other hand, Pfizer goes into the gray area and believe they should not do this because there is no monetary benefit to Pfizer. I believe that this decision is simple that if the third world country is in need of this medicine you should provide it. Pfizer is in the business of helping people and there should be no gray area in that decision. Now, I believe that Pfizer would make the right decision in going with providing the medicines to the third world country but, in case they didn’t and were focused on the gray area and not what is right and wrong then the decision is unethical. I believe that Pfizer has a moral obligation to serve for the good of the world and I believe that they should make the right decision if this situation ever came up at the Pfizer offices.


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