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Vanilla ice Jim Carrey “Ice Ice Baby” Essay Sample

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Vanilla ice Jim Carrey “Ice Ice Baby” Essay Sample

In the song, “Ice Ice Baby”, Jim Carrey satirizes vanilla ice in his version of in the original song. In “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, talks about how he is way better than everyone and that he has all the girls, best cars, and even all the money. In the satirical version of this song by Jim Carrey, he basically is telling everyone that vanilla ice is a big fake and the only reason he is even producing rap songs is because he wants money and fame, and he is doing that off of someone else’s culture. One of the things Jim Carrey satirizes is how vanilla ice doesn’t like his real name. In Vanilla Ice’s Version of the song, he refers to himself as “Ice” in the first Stanza. In the second stanza of Jim Carrey’s version of the song he is trying to humiliate vanilla ice because he changed his name from Robert Van Winkle to Vanilla Ice because “nothing rhymes with winkle.” Another way Jim Carrey Satirizes is how Vanilla Ice is only producing songs is for the money and fame, and he is doing it off of another culture, which he knows nothing about.

In vanilla ice’s version of the song vanilla ice is “rolling in my 5.0 with my ragtop down so my hair can blow” which shows that he is only writing songs for money. Also in Jim Carrey’s version, in the fourth stanza it says “WHEN YOU GONNA STOP maybe never I become richer with every endever I’m living large and my bank is scooped, cause I jus listen to real rap and dupe it” which also indicates that he is not only doing this to get rich, he is doesn’t even know how to rap. The third way Jim Carrey satirizes vanilla ice is how vanilla ice thinks he is all tough but he is really just another fake. In vanilla ice’s version of the song he says “the kid don’t play if there is a problem yo I’ll solve it” which proves that vanilla ice thinks he is too tough for everyone. In Jim Carrey’s version of the song in the sixth stanza Jim Carrey says, “I told the world I was stabbed in the butt but it was really a toilet paper cut” which proves that vanilla ice is not tough he just acts tough.

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