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Complete the table below by doing the following:

Fill in the table by adding your answer to each question.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab.

Question about Classroom Interactivity
Your Answers
Why is it important for you to check your UOPX email account regularly as a student?

It’s important to check the UOPX email for updates on class assignments and information from the school. What is the difference between the activity stream and Classroom Discussion?

With activity stream you can’t post directly into it, where as with the class discussion you are ablr to interact. How do you respond to Learning Activities?

When I actually found out how to view it the right way I see that this is a big help. How do you attach and submit assignment files?

Right now with me not having the access to Microsoft office on my personal laptop I have to use word online from office 365 online. Which of the following material formats do you think will enhance your learning the most? Why? eBook

I think eBook will enhance my learning because I am more in to reading and finding the material needed. What steps would you take to post a private message to your instructor in the Classroom?

Inside the classroom discussion when you click to compose a new message if gives you the option to post a private message that goes only to the instructor. Where is the best place to post a question about an assignment on which you need clarification? What are the steps you would take to post this type of question? I think the best place to post a question would be within the class activity.

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