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When it comes to the word change in an organization change can be one of the most difficult things to successfully accomplish. Change management is a process that an organization to make change for the future. When it comes to change management it gives effective strategies to enable the change agents to be able to achieve the vision or goals that are set in place. Looking at my company there is always change when it comes to healthcare. As a whole there are two kinds of change agents that make a difference within the company. When implementing change you have critical steps that are required. The first is to identify the roles that will be played during the process. Second, is to identify what roles are involved in the process and who will be handling those roles. Last, making sure that throughout the process it is being monitored and roles are changing during process. Two different change agents, one is resistance to change and the second has rituals of transition. Change agents that resistance is an ongoing problem which affects the individual and the organization.

When vision is set to take place within our company the head delegates who and how the vision will be worked. When an employee is use to how things are already done and has a routine set within themselves it is hard to change them especially if they do not want to or afraid to. This causes for employee to have bad performance because they are not following the organizations instructions. This also hurts the organization because the goal or vision is not being accomplished. When it comes to rituals of transitions this type of change involves loss. The reason that it involves loss is due to the fact that when it comes to change it requires that individuals give up familiar routines in order to fulfill the required process for change. In other words it is letting go of the old and getting to the new. We both of the change agents the difference is one is more willing to give up a familiar routine to progress to something new, which will not affect performance that is trying to be achieved.

As a manager things that you can do to redirect a negative impact on goals by the company by an agent consist of discouraging resistance and maintaining the momentum. To discourage resistance you want remove all types of barriers that may seem like obstacles to the agent. Expect that there will be resistance before it even occurs and set a plan that will give the agent time to adjust to the change as well. The major key is to lead as an example, basically if agent sees you doing it; it will give them some ease with doing it as well. When it comes to maintaining the momentum is basically having ongoing communication with the agents to keep them posted on the status with the changes and the direction their heading. Encouraging employees and giving recognition to those that are meeting and exceeding the vision goals will help when it comes to maintaining the momentum. Also providing the results of the goals that you are reaching and how it has affected the company as a whole along with the individual.

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