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The movie Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock is a very dark, twisted film about a man falling in love with the wrong woman. The movie beings with a chase across rooftops to catch a criminal. When the police officer falls, Scotty, the detective, must face is newly discovered vertigo. This is when I began to think that he was dead and didn’t survive the fall and didn’t know he was actually dead (a Sixth Sense type of thing). But I realized quickly that that wasn’t the case because he was able to talk to the significant other in his life, Midge.

It is later in the film when Scotty becomes an ex-detective and Elster, an old friend of Scotty’s, asks him if he can follow his wife because he thinks she has been possessed by someone who has passed. Scotty agrees to this and begins following who he thinks is Madeline, Elster’s wife. He follows her to a flower shop, then to a graveyard where she stands in front of the grave of Carlotta Valdes, then he follows her to a museum where she sits in front of Carlotta’s portrait with the same bouquet of flowers in the portrait and her hair is pinned the same way as Carlotta’s hair in the portrait. He is stunned by the fact that she could possibly be possessed by Carlotta Valdes. Next he follows her to a hotel where he asks the woman at the desk if Madeline is there and she says that she isn’t. Then he asks if Carlotta is there and she says not now but she has a hotel room.

This is when things begin to get suspicious. He follows her to the San Francisco Bay where he witnesses her falling into the water, on purpose in my opinion, and jumps in after her to save her. He places her in his car and takes her to his house. Then she wakes up and leaves without saying goodbye. Which is the first sign that I saw that this was all just a hoax.

And I was right, it was a hoax. As it turns out he thinks he witnesses her jumping out of a bell tower when really it was an actress named Judy who was hired by Elster to kill Elster’s wife and make Scotty a witness. This is when The climax has happened.

Scotty falls in love with Madeline but sees her die. Then he spends a year in the mental hospital. He gets out and sees a girl that looks just like Madeline, but with red hair. He follows her. And it turns out she is the woman who played Madeline. But they go to the tower where Madeline dies and he explains how he now knows the truth and just as they begin to mend what happens a nun walks up and Judy gets scared and falls off and dies. Scotty throws himself out the window after her. It is left a mystery as to whether or not he dies.

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