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Video Essays


The negative effects of video games

The negative effects of video games: causation or correlation? If you read or watch the news, it is not hard to find shocking and dramatic examples of people who harmed themselves or others after playing video games. The American teenagers

Crime and Punishment

The video “Crime and Punishment” suggests that it is important to have religious faith. Main character, Rodya Raskolnikov life’s circumstances find him broke and desperate, his solution to rob and murder an evil old pawn-broker. His punishment comes more from

IT System for Local Video Store

Mans video store, is a video store run by the Man Group. They have recently purchased 5 more video stores in the London area and already have 3 more stores including the one in Staines. We are focusing on the

Media Video Evaluation

A pop promo is any piece of work (of any length) which can be considered a music video. If the pop promo includes a storyline, than it becomes a Narrative pop-promo meaning that it has a story to tell. My

Effects of Video Games on Children

Over the years, the choices of recreational materials of children have evolved, from building the simple blocks of Lego to a more complicated world of video games. With the turn of the century, video games have been emerging as one

Effects of Video Games on Children and Their Families

Abstract Nowadays, the use of violent video games among children is growing. This paper seeks to present the effects of violent video games on children: aggression, hostility, lack of interpersonal skills and failure in academic performance. This paper also identifies

Playback Video Rental System

A. Statement of the Problem Our thesis is all about rental system for videos. Our client is the shop named playback video rental, we spoke to mr. Archie Arcangel who is the owner of the shop itself. We found out

Communication Technology Section

1.0 INTRODUCTION At Moi University, School of Human resource development, department of communication studies, an Industrial attachment is a core course in the department’s curriculum. Upon completion of the second semester in third year, a student must go on an

English Assignment

If you were a Hollywood movie producer, and you were remaking this video for a 21st century audience, what celebrity or well­known person would you cast as the speaker, and where would you set the scene? Compare or contrast your

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