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As a young girl growing up in the Virgin Islands, I have always been quite ecstatic by the Coney Island ride. All the trill and excitement starts from home as I am dressing and just thinking about all the many rides I am going to test out. When I am near to the rides I watch in amazement as it is being operated. It intrigues me the way people wait eagerly in the long lines some pushing, some shouting for the lines to move and some are just screaming in excitement. It is amazing how these rides are shaped or how high or fast they go. It wows my mind that sometimes in the past someone innovative thinking was so great that they were able to create such terrifying machines that would cause people to enjoy themselves so much. For me, it is that thrill and rush of adrenaline that courses through me while I am in one of those rides that keeps me coming back every year to the festival village just to enjoy the Coney island. In my many experience I have had the pleasure of riding the go carts, the roundup, the hammer and lastly the Ferris wheel which is the most terrifying one of all.

The look of that big monstrous looming wheels spinning round and round. It was huge and noisy. Even the sound of its engine brings to mind a film from the horror movies. The screams of the could be heard from the very tip. They hold on for their life and when it reaches to the ground you can see scared look on their faces. They can’t wait for the ride to come to an end. My first ride on the Ferris wheel gave me an instant rush of adrenaline. I felt the hairs on my body raised, as the death defying ride begins. I could feel the bile rising deep within me reaching to my throat, I feel an instant need to puke, when the ride begins, I hold on to the handle as it gain speed, I feel so numb like I am in an out of body experience then I find my voice and scream out, my eye fills with water and I can only hope it come to an end soon. Over and over it rotates, it does a dramatic pause to the top and when it begins to descend I feel a little bit of confidence but as it climb back up again I am yet again back to my scared ways, the assault on my stomach begins all over again.

Just when I feel my body can’t take it anymore, it continues to rotate, I begin to think happy thought and each time it reaches near as if it’s about to touch the ground I gain some confidence and then it is time for the ride to end. No more screaming and no more adrenaline rush coursing through my body. I swing the open and hopped out , my legs quite wobble, I look back to see the lines getting longer and more people just waiting for their turn to experience the thrill. I looked back at this monstrosity and knew I was hooked. My fascination for the Ferris wheel had just begin. Every year around carnival time the trip to the village just to ride the Ferris wheel never gets tiring. As I get older and older, but the thrill of riding the ferris wheel still remain the same, I still feel scared, I still scream as it rotates , the adrenaline still course through me as I ride this death defying machine.

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