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Financial management would be the handling of account payables, profit/liabilities; Business intelligence and reporting would be forecasting future periods based on historical numbers; Supply chain management is the handling of supplies to from normal overhead like office supplies to materials needed in the plant to accomplish jobs; Human resources and payroll management would be the handling of personnel records and paying them but also handling deductions like medical, retirement and taxes; Manufacturing would be the handling of the job from raw material acquisition to the end product including labor charges; Project management would be the handling of the process such as what happens at each step of the way and who the product is passed on to and finally Services management which would be the handling of different departments and the services they are responsible, tracking of jobs they have scheduled and completed.

Being a Microsoft product, the core technology can be potentially 3 things; 1) Microsoft Windows Server 2003 32 and 64 bit; 2) Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32 bit and 64 bit and finally, the product can be hosted in the Microsoft cloud Being able to organize these different modules will help the company keep track cash flow in and out. Visually staying aware of these things will help the company manage asset better because the company will know how much funds are coming versus how much is spent along with how much it cost to manufacture each product not only in straight monetary terms but also in terms of man power. The cost is $2,610 per user which is contingent upon the partner whom the licenses were purchased from. I recommend that we go with the cloud hosted solution because monetary cost would include user licensing, hosting terms and any associated man hours to complete the project. The alternative would be to host it ourselves. The costs associated would be greater. First off you have the licensing fee, labor costs, cost for hardware (server), server OS which in this case will be MS 2008. This is not the only cost, being an MS product you will have to purchase Client Access Licenses.

The final costs if we are to configure it as public facing product would an internet access line, T1 minimum to provide for both hosting and in house internet access. To keep the LAN safe from internet attack, a firewall also will need to be added to expenditures. Disaster recovery will also need to be factored, which means we will need to purchase a backup product for this server or add an additional license to the existing backup so that we can cover this new server. In summation, the cloud based solution is a much more budget friendly product. The clouds product is basically a subscription, where additional costs would be the man hours it would take to completion migration.

The in house solution has higher upfront costs in purchases, potentially less in recurring costs because of the lack of a subscription. However it does add to department overhead as it is one more machine for IT to take care of.


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