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Visual Basic Project Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The menu structure is as follows:

Module design

Visual Basic modules will be used to automate many aspects of data entry and updating of customer records. Complete listings of the code for all buttons, events, etc. in two data entry forms will be given in the hard copy of solution

Entering an order for a new or existing customer (The design is expressed in the pseudocode.)

Security and Integrity of Data


Errors in entering the data are reduced by the use of the validation checks on the system, and also by visual verification on the part of the operator before entering the order.

The application will be tested to ensure that errors in the system do not threaten the integrity of the data.


The database file will be password protected to stop an unauthorised user from opening it

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and making changes.

It is expected that the computer system used to enter the data will be in a physically secure location, and that it may run a secure operating system such as Windows XP which requires a user to log on and which can be used to set access permissions to the database file.

The database saves the data after each change is made so if there was a power failure the file on disc would be up to date as long as it was not corrupt.

To recover from corruption a backup copy of the database could be made during the evening.

The option to delete all the days data is a potential hazard and should have a confirmation step in it and perhaps a password as well.

Test strategy

The test strategy will include four different types of testing as described below.

Logical testing

This will be used to test every aspect of each form, report and query as soon as it is implemented, using valid, invalid and extreme data. Test data will be added to test each code module and results compared with the expected results. The data that will be added initially is shown below. Subsequent tests will often involve adding new data which will then be deleted when the test works satisfactorily.

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