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Vitamin C and Collagen Essay Sample

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Vitamin C and Collagen Essay Sample

Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins found in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of mammals. It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals. Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendon, ligament and skin, and is also abundant in cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, the gut, and intervertebral disc. Certain collagens found in skin tissue are essential for skin strength and elasticity. Over time, this collagen breaks down, causing skin to lose its suppleness and begin to wrinkle and sag. (Perumal, S. et.al., 2008) There are many types of collagen fillers like Bovine collagen, Autologen, Isolagen and Dermalogen. (Tholpady A. et.al., 2011) Dermalogen is human collagen. (Bailey J.B. et.al., 2001) While Bovine collagen implants are temporary fillers and their use has been associated with major adverse side effects. Approximately 3% of patients experience an allergic reaction to injected bovine collagen with development of circulating antibodies to the foreign material. Therefore, skin testing is no guarantee of compatibility. (Gilchrest B.A. et.al., 2006) What is vitamin C ?

Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. (Sebastian J. et.al., 2003) Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for normal growth and development. It aids in collagen production and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Collagen loss and disorganisation is part of the process of ageing, leading to skin sagging and wrinkle formation. On the other hands, vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. (Zelman K.M. et.al., 2011) Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is used to form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It also heals wounds and form scar tissue. On the other hand, vitamin C helps to repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth. (Evert A. et.al., 2011) What is collagen plus vitamin C injection ?

Collagen often injected together with vitamin C. This injection is good for :
1) Fairer and flawless complexion to the skin
2) Look younger than actual age and maintain
3) Increase immune system
4) Increase health level (Joan D. 2008)

Nowadays, beauty is such a perfection especially among ladies. They become obsessed to look beautiful and they are willing to spend a lot of money just to beautify themselves. Collagen plus vitamin C injection is the common medical treatment done by actors and singers. To them, being physically beautiful will increase their popularity as this the source of their daily income. They are willing to bear the pain for two weeks or more as long as they have flawless skin and sharp noses as well as voluptuous lips just like Angelina Jolie. Vitamin C aids in collagen production which is the supporting tissue of skin, bones, and ligaments. Vitamin C reduces the appearance of acne blemishes, reduces pore size and improves skin texture. While, collagen can provide a great texture, resilience, and appropriate shape to fill in depressions and wrinkles. Benefits of collagen plus vitamin C injection.

Since everybody will develop varying levels of wrinkles with age, collagen injections have proven to restore a more youthful and smooth appearance by filling in the lost skin tissue and wrinkles. Vitamin C is injected together with the collagen for skin whitening. Skin appears fairer, smoother, more radiant and supple.

Collagen plus vitamin C injection removes fine lines and wrinkles. (Duffy D. et.al., 1998) As women get older, changes occur in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles may start to show around the eyes and mouth. Collagen plus vitamin C injections not only smooth out those lines and wrinkles, it makes you look years younger and makes your skin fairer and whiter. That is why most of the elderly prefer the collagen plus vitamin C injection rather than undergoing the painful plastic surgery. (Faelten S. 1997) People with sunken scars prefer to be injected with the collagen plus vitamin C injection. Vitamin C is clearly vital to the production of collagen and is important in healing wounds and scars. (Davies M.B. et.al., 1991) This injection is used to bulk up the skin under the scar and make it looks flat.

The collagen is injected under the scars and this smoothens the skin and promoting collagen growth. Collagen plus vitamin C injections can also be beneficial for people with acne, gaunt cheeks, wrinkles and other imperfections. Based on researches, collagen plus vitamin C injection is one of the solutions for acne scars. Unfortunately, it is a temporary solution for a permanent problem. Patient has to get the injection continuously and this will cost a lot of money. The results of collagen injections are not permanent and will fade over time. To keep wrinkles, folds, or scars from coming back, patient will need to go back to your doctor for more injections. (Barrymore J. 2011)

Side effects of collagen plus vitamin C injection.
As with any cosmetic procedure, collagen injection side effects do exist. Collagen plus vitamin C injections rarely cause serious side effects, except on the small percentage of people who are allergic to collagen (about two people out of every 100). Collagen injections are derived from bovine collagen, so anyone who is allergic to bovine-derived products should not receive this treatment as it will cause an allergic reaction. It is common to experience minor swelling, itching or redness during the first 24 hours after treatment. Allergic reactions do occur in some users of all forms of collagen. But the side effects are usually temporary and will dissipate over a period of several months. Red bumps can appear and lead to lacerations, which can often cause scarring. The majority of people that suffer these collagen injection side effects will see them disappear over several months. Lumps around the injection sites have been reported as have uneven texture in the skin, cold sores and eyelid drooping. Less common, but more dangerous allergic reactions that occur are bacterial infections, blurred vision, shortness of breath, low blood pressure and chest pains. (Garcia H. 2011)

Pain, bruising and swelling are the most common side effects of collagen injections. Pain can occur at the site of the injection. Aches, tingling and bruising have been reported by persons using this injection. Less likely but still possible side effects are hardening of the tissues around the injection and sensitivity in the surrounding areas. Swelling is the most common reaction to any type of surgery. This is especially common the first time the injections are applied and usually go away as the skin gets used to the needles. These symptoms should improve in a few hours. Putting ice on your skin may help. (Garcia H. 2011) Some injected areas may have a puffy or overfilled looked for a few days. In most cases, the pain only lasts for a few hours and should start going down soon after the application. Other than that, this injection too may cause temporary facial muscle weakness and overfilled or lumpy area. (Irwin B. 2011)

If the pain intensifies or if the swelling seems to increase, this may indicate an infection is forming and a doctor should be consulted immediately. In a very small number of people, scarring may occur. This is more likely in people with light skin and those who are sensitive to invasive procedures. (Clark J. 2011) On top of that, collagen plus vitamin C injection will cause bacteria infections. This might be caused by contaminated needle injected into patient’s skin. While it’s safe and all precautions are used to keep this non-surgical procedure sanitary, healing afterward may be a problem. This injection too may cause itching, abscesses and open sores. Itching is a side effect that you cannot scratch during the healing process. Any aggravation to the area can lead to an infection. An abscess may form in the injection site or healing tissue. (Suzanne et.al., 2010)

In conclusion, collagen plus vitamin C injection does have benefits and side effects. This injection can be used to repair injured part on human’s skin and to beautify the face. However, in order to inject this kind of injection, patient has to suffer from minor side effects for a short period of time after the injection. Thus, before taking this injection, patient should get some advices from a qualified doctor. If a patient suffers from certain side effects continuously, he/she should visit the doctor again so that further treatment can be carried out. As for us, we do not think that this injection is the best solution for skin treatment. It is because, we still can beautify our skin by using skin creams and we can get a lot of vitamin C which is vital for whitening the skin from oranges. The collagen plus vitamin C injection too should be injected once in a month to get the continuous best result and this absolutely costs a lot of money and it will be such a waste. Allah definitely forbids us to waste our money for useless purposes.

And give the relative his right, and [also] the poor and the traveler, and do not spend wastefully. (Al-Israa’, 17:26)


However, from Islamic perspective of view, it is forbidden for Muslims to inject collagen plus vitamin C into skin with purpose to beautify themselves as it changes the texture of our natural skin created by Allah. Allah creates us perfectly and we should grateful with what He gives us. However, it is allowed to inject the collagen plus vitamin C into skin if one suffers from serious problem that puts his life in miseries. As an example, if someone suffers from very serious acne and it really irritates on the face and causes discomfort, it is allowed to inject the collagen plus vitamin C injection to reduce the acne and thus reducing the irritation.

“And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them (sinful) desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah”. And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss. (An-Nisaa’, 4:119)


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