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Vocabulary for Biology Exam Essay Sample

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Vocabulary for Biology Exam Essay Sample

Biomagnifications: A process by which chemical substances become more concentrated at each tropic level.

Biosphere: The living part of the Earth.

Biomes: Divisions of the biosphere and is defined by its vegetation and community structure. It occurs because of global weather patterns and topography. Example: Desert, Grassland, Scrubland, temperate deciduous forests, tropical rainforest and tundra.

Succession: The change in non-living and living factors in ecosystem overtime.

Primary succession: When plants begin growing in a previously lifeless area (Example: new volcanic island). It begins with no life, no soil available, etc.

Biomass: Total mass of dry organic matter at a particular tropic level of an ecosystem using this formula

Gross production: The amount of energy (total) trapped in the organic matter (KJ per area per time) KJ/m2yr

Net production = Gross production (GP) – respiration (R)

Energy pyramid: Plants use energy from the sun and use photosynthesis to make glucose which stores the energy. Energy is passed from one organism to the next in the food chain and it lost at each level for maintance and through organic waste

Niche concept: Where an organism lives, what and how it eats and its interactions with other species is its niche

Spatial habitat: The area inhabited by any particular organism.

Feeding activities: Affects the ecosystem by keeping other populations in check

Competition: Happen when 2 species rely on the same food source. Specie will be better adapted than the other to benefit from the resource.

Herbivore: Primary consumer feeding on a producer. Its well-being is dependent on producer growth.

Predation: Consumer eating another consumer

Parasitism: An organism which lives on or in a host and depends on the host for food for at least part of its life

Mutualism: Two organisms living together where both organisms benefit from the relationship

Fundamental Niche: Complete range of biological and physical conditions under which an organism can live based on its adaptations

Realized niche: (narrower niche): The way of living this results from adaption and competition with other species.

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