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In the documentary “Waiting for Superman” schools all over the country are being criticizes due to their poor behavior of education students are receiving. With America suppose being the #1 country and a “Role model” for education we are not in the top we are actually at the very bottom. This affects our society as a whole because not just are the students are doing bad, but it goes worst for the schools because some don’t even get funds or grants due to low scores. Deviant Behavior can be related to both students and also teachers if one observes of how well they doing while there in school you can tell that some of them are either careless or just arrogant and don’t believe that they can learn because they don’t have the fundamentals for them to keep moving forward.

What I learned from this documentary is that we need to step it up with our education needs and provide more students with more help or possible tutors to anyone who needs help and change the negative outcome that we’ve been “labeled” by known as “Dropout Factories”. (Labeling Theory is used) I’ve learned that without education you can’t succeed much in life because you don’t have the knowledge to understand what is needed to keep moving forward. Symbolic Interactionist Perspective is used because people are being treated in certain ways that they lack in education and are fulfilling other people’s points and the expectations of those people who say that they are not going to succeed much. What I’ve learned in class was that sociology is used every day because we observes every individual in what they do also how one’s behavior is deviant towards they society and how it affects their own lives and others.

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