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When looking at statistical data in businesses it is important to that there needs to be decisions in order to reach a conclusion about a particular scenario. When looking at Wal-Mart you can see that there is statistical data that shows that they are in a monopoly. This data is seen by their power in the business and their dominance over other businesses. They need to make a decision about how to regulate their future business policies. We can use research methods in order to reach a conclusion about what the company can do in order to better satisfy its customers and competitors.

One way of doing this is to follow a customer survey where random people are selected and questioned about the store and the way the employees are functioning. In doing the surveys Wal-Mart can narrow down the problems within the stores. It can compile a set of question to the customers asking about the service, on hand products, outages and the team members, doing this the business can better serve the community based on the answers and the feedback from the survey. By breaking down the survey by gender, age and race the company will have a much broader approach on the problem.

Wal-Mart StatisticsData
Total amount of money spent at Wal-Mart every hour of every day $36,000,000
Total amount of profit Wal-Mart makes every minute $34,880
Total number of employees 2,000,000
Total number of stores 4,253
Percentage of Americans that live within 15 minutes of Wal-Mart90% Total sales annually $405 Billion
Total number of Wal-Mart Brands 27
Average amount of square feet per Wal-Mart Supercenter 197,000 square feet
Amount per every U.S. dollar spent at Wal-Mart 8 cents
Total number of customers per week 100,000,000
World Rank by economy if Wal-Mart were a country 19th
Percent of Wal-Mart cashiers that are women 72%
Percent of purchases made by families making less than $40,000 annually 42%
Percent of Wal-Mart suppliers located in China 80%

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