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The world largest retailer is possibly the most controversial business in America. With sales over $312,000 billion in 2006 and 1.7 million employees worldwide managing stakeholder relationship is a major challenge. The Wal-Mart that saves the average family an estimated $2329 per year has its critics. Wal-Mart claims that it is committed to improving the standard of living for their customers throughout the world. It has estimated that Wal-Mart saves consumers $100,000 billion in a year. Today the family of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton has a combined fortune estimated at $90 billion. The Wal-Mart business model includes two main segments: Wal-Mart Stores and Sam’s Clubs. Wal-Mart is acts in a way to product the greatest possible balance of good over dissatisfaction for their stockholders. Wal-Mart upholds the fiduciary duties to their stockholders by not increasing wages of their employees instead they take the sum of money and return it back to their stockholders and shareholders such as customers and suppliers. Through the help of multiple partners Wal-Mart can grow as a corporation and return the profits earned to the stakeholders.

A major transformation within Wal-Mart has made it easier to have closer relationships with suppliers. The story of Wal-Mart and its low prices includes both positive and negative impacts on society. Positively, Wal-Mart reportedly saves consumers over $287 billion annually, equating to about $950 per person. On the other side, the communities can be negatively impacted by Wal-Mart’s arrival in their areas. Wal-Mart employs 1.5 million men and women worldwide. From the 1.5 million, it can be seen that in this stakeholders, Wal-Mart treat male and female differently. They discriminate women.

Within all the employees in Wal-Mart, only 10 percent of women are top manager and not to mention that having a lower pay in the same position of a man. Wal-Mart discriminate women in promotion, pay, training and job assignment which they systematically denies. Wal-Mart also treats disabled employees differently. They had first agreed an amount of $132,500 for two deaf applicants, hiring them to make corporate-wide changes in the hiring and training of new employees who are deaf or hearing impaired. But in June 2001, Wal-Mart failed to carry on with their words of the original court order and therefore was fined $750,200 because of it.

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