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Disney has strong financial assets, with over $25 billion in revenue, over $45 billion in assets, and exponentially increasing stock performance. Disney has facilities internationally, including theme parks, movie studios, and retail locations. Intangible Resources

The Walt Disney Company has strong brand image. It has a reputation with customers for family-friendly, high quality entertainment. The company also has extensive human resources. By 2000, Disney had 110,000 employees throughout its divisions. Organizational Capabilities

Disney is famous for the “Disney Difference,” its high quality customer service and attention to detail (Smith, 2011). Disney’s organization is based on the traditions of Walt Disney himself and are taught to every new employee (Disney, n.d.). Disney also has a huge and diverse organization, with departments ranging a variety of industries. VRIO Analysis

The Walt Disney Company has valuable tangible resources. The financial resources allow the company to invest in new ideas and innovations. Its international facilities give Disney access to many markets. Disney’s intangible resources and organization capabilities’ value depends on how they are harnessed. Brand awareness and a large organization do not have inherent value; they must be used effectively by the company. Rareness

The Walt Disney Company’s tangible assets are not rare; many other companies have money and international facilities. Disney’s organizational resources, however, are extremely rare. Very few companies have such strong traditions and values as the Walt Disney Company. The company is also one of just a few media giants. It is rare that a company have as vast of human and organization resources.

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