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It is essential to access information, advice and support to maintain your professionalism in circumstances where you are having a difficulty with a child or an unfamiliar situation to ensure you have knowledge and expertise to support the child and family fully. You may need help if a child from a different culture or religion that you are unfamiliar with for example Sikhism is starting at the childcare setting. You may want to know a bit about the cultural background and if there are any differences you and the staff should know about. From this you can use the internet to research any differences about the child and their family, also you could talk to their family to support the children’s individual needs and preferences. A child that is vegetarian is about to start the nursery and are asked to make a meal plan, therefore if you needed advice on this you could ask the family what sort of food the child eats, or ask fellow colleagues what they would advice for you to plan as a meal. You could also use books to find out the best meals for a vegetarian.

An African Caribbean child is about to start the nursery and you may want information to know how to support the child’s needs; you can get this by researching on the internet and from books. For example using oils on the child’s hair, this may need doing a numerous times a day during nursery or school hours; you may only do this with parents’ wishes. Skin is also very important to be looked after, especially use sun cream when exposed to sun. Starting soon is a child with special educational needs therefore you should contact specialists like SENCO about how to support the child so they are included and are treated the way they need, also ask parents how to support their child. Just because they are different you should not exclude them or treat them the same, do not make them stand out due to having special educational needs.

You could contact SENCO to help out with this child, because they will know more on how to care for the child. A child is starting the setting and has English as a second language, therefore you may need to ask the child’s family if there is anything specific needs the child needs support over, for example a child from china will not make eye contact because it is seemed to be rude in their country where as in England it’s rude if you don’t make eye contact. A child with a chronic illness you are unfamiliar with for example diabetes you may need some information about how you could care for the child, and support them, therefore you can use books because the information is correct and more accurate, colleagues may know more about this illness than you, so they can share the information about this, and parents will know more about diabetes and how to care for their child.

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