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Terrorism Means Extreme Fair. Nowadays Suicidal Attacks Are Very Common. Life In The Past Was More Safe And Secure. Modern Life Become Very Unsafe and Dangerous. We Daily Read In the Newspaper about the Act Of Terrorism. Terrorism Has Now Been Becoming the Most Burning Problem For The Whole World. The USA Only the Super Power Of the World Which Was Once Considered Quite Safe and Invincible From the Terrorist Has Also Been Fallen A Victim of These Terrorist.

Bomb Blasts In Public Areas, Suicidal Attacks And Hijacking Are Called Terrorist Attack.
When Three Planes Belong To America Plunged In the World Trade Centre In New York And On Pentagon On 11 Sep 2001. Thousands of Innocent People Were Killed In This Terrorist Attack. The American President Blamed All Responsibility of This Attack on Osama Bin Laden and His Organization. The U.S.A. Declared To Take Action against Those Countries Who Laboring Terrorist. Many Countries Join USA Struggle And the War against Terrorism Has Been Started.

After 9/11 America Dramatically Re Establish Its Relationship With Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf the President of Pakistan Declared a True Sincere Friend of America. About 500 Al Qaeda And Taliban Has Been Arrested And Killed From Pakistan. After That America Attack on Iraq and Defeated Iraqi Army and Captured Hold on Iraq. After That America Tried To Captured On Muslim Countries and Their Resources. The War against Terrorism Is Look like The War Against Muslim

“The War against Terrorism Is Terrorism” (Woody Harrelson)
America Set New Political and Geographical Order after the Resign of Pervez Musharraf and America Policies Seems To Be Successful And Muslim Is Fighting Against Muslim. The War against Terrorism Is a Hidden Policy of the Super
Power to Make New Political and Geographical Order of the World

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