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Was the United States Justified in Going to War With Mexico? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Mexico and the United States were two nations who had different opinions. Mexico was catholic which were people who were anti -slavery; this is to keep Texans under their control. Protestants was the opposite, they were for slavery. It wasn’t long before the problems became something serious. Texans won their independence in 1836. Texas applied for annexation twice over the course of nine years they received a no both times. Mexico declared its independence in 1821 from Spain. In 1844 Polk became president. He believed strongly in Manifest Destiny. He believed it was God Plan that American become larger. Polk sent soldiers to the southern Texas. May 9 1846, Mexican soldiers open fired on American soldiers’ .Each side blames the other, Americans blames the Mexican saying they were attacked on American soil and the Mexican says the Americans invaded their land.

The confusion seems to be over what Mexico thought was the proper border between Texas and Mexico which is the Nueces River. However, the American was unjustified in going to war with Mexico. The United States was not justified in going to war with Mexico because Polk provoked it, Robbery of Land, and Expansion of Slavery. One reason the Mexican was not justified was because Polk provoked it. Polk wrote a message to the senate informing them on his order for the military to attack the on the Rio Grande on Mexican troops. Most of Congress said yes to the war message. American Troops came to the border

looking for trouble. Was the United States Justified in Going to

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War With Mexico ? were fired. Sixty three American troops attacked the Mexican troops. They surrender to the Mexican. The American felt as Mexico had invaded the territory and American shed blood on their soil. This evidence shows United States was not justified in going to war because Polk was being greedy. The second reason the Mexican war was not justified in going to war because the robbery of land. The Mexican government felt that the annexation of Texas by the US was unacceptable nor did they recognize it. They was just protecting there territory. To the Mexican knowledge the Nueces River is their territory .Mexico thought they were being invaded which cause them to attack the American troop’s.

This evidence shows the United States was not justified in going to war with Mexico because Mexican troops was protecting themselves . A third reason the Mexican War was not justified was because expansion of slavery. There were 103,000 whites and 38,000 slaves .In 8121 along with Mexico receiving its independence they made slavery illegal. Sumner was the senator for 24 years and then became the president. Sumner didn’t like slavery just as much as the people didn’t. At this time people were beginning to move into Texas. This evidence shows the United States was not justified in going to war with Mexico because Texas was already a free state and I should stay that way. In brief, the Mexican-American war was unjustifiable because of robbery of land, expansion of slavery, and also because Polk provoked it. Americans came to the border looking for trouble causing the Mexican to retaliate with gun fire.

Mexican War became a major accomplishment in the expansion of the country. It is important today because you can’t picture the United States without California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, most ofArizona and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. If Mexico had won the war, I strongly believe that the United States would have been less powerful than it is as of today. Mexico, on the other hand, would have become a more affluent country. I believe that the United States winning the Mexican war was crucial for the country’s expansion and progress. The Mexican-American War is a piece of history whose significance should not be rewarded with insignificance or confusion, but rather understanding of the event itself and its lasting effects.

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