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Introduction of TOPIC

Lab two experiments are dealing with the water quality and contamination. The water quality of water refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water. Experiment one refers to the effects of groundwater contamination. There were a total of 8 beakers that were separated in to two groups. Group one had beakers one through four and the second was five through eight. 1-4: If chemicals are added to the tab water, then the consistency, color, and smell will change. 5-8: If the potty soil and cheese cloth are used as a filter, then the water level decrease and stay clean. The first was regular tap water with no color or smell. In beakers two through four there was chemicals added to change the water quality. The chemicals that were added were 10ml of oil, vinegar, and soap, which then change the color, consistency, and smell of the water. In beakers five through eight the contents of one through four were filtered using cheese cloth and 240ml of soil.

In experiment two is the water treatment process. This process consist of purifying the water to remove all contaminates. If water is dirty, then it will have to be filter for purification. In the experiment the contaminated water was filtered using cheese cloth, alum, sand, activated charcoal, and gravel. The alum was added to the contaminated water for a period of fifteen minutes, then filter through the cheese cloth, sand charcoal, and gravel to treat the water. Once the water had been filter through the content then

Drinking water quality was experiment three which was used to see if bottle water was is healthier than tap water. There was a total of three samples used tap, and two types of bottle water Dasani and Fiji. The three samples were then tested for ammonia, chloride, phosphate and iron. The tap water and Fiji seems to be the least do to the amount of chlorine, hardness, phosphate, and iron. The tap water was also proven to be the dirtiest when tested and the Dasani was found to be the cleanest. If the tap water is negative, then it will be the dirtiest.

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