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Wave Essays


Basic Radar Concepts

Introduction         Radio detection and ranging is basically a means of gathering information about distance objects or targets by sending electromagnetic EM waves to them and therefore analyzing the reflected wave or signal. If an EM wave encounters a sudden

The Sound of Waves Reflection

In Yukio Mishima’s The Sound of Waves the reader is immersed in a rich, traditional, spiritual form of Japanese culture. The island is not only an accurate portrayal of the traditional Japanese culture but also that of the western world

Bioresonance Tumor Therapy

Electromagnetic waves are waves or periodic disturbances that do not need a medium to travel, unlike mechanical waves that do require a medium (solid, liquid or gas). Electromagnetic waves travel through vacuum and are caused by changes in electric and

Hertz and Resonant Circuit

1. A technique for resolving complex repetitive waveforms into sine or cosine waves and a dc component is known as: a) Harmonic Analysis b) Armstrong’s Principle c) Fourier Analysis d) Frequency Analysis Answer: c 2. The statement “information is proportional

A Day in Your Life 15 Years from Now

Fifteen years from now, your alarm goes off at 7:30 AM, pulling you out of a dead sleep. You roll over, grumbling a command, and the alarm obediently shuts up. You drift off again, but ten minutes later the alarm

The Layers of the Earth

The Earth’s core takes up sixteen percent of Earth’s volume, containing thirty-three percent of its Mass ..Pressure rises steadily inside the earth because of the weight of overlying rock. Therefore ,the Pressure at the outer boundary of the core reaches

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