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In recent times, the number of human trafficking cases has skyrocketed through the roof. So, what exactly is human trafficking? Human trafficking is defined as a criminal activity, in which people are recruited, harboured, transported, bought or kidnapped for the purposes of exploitation. These exploitations include forced labour, child soldiery, sexual slavery, forced marriages and so on. Statistics show that the main victims of human trafficking consist of women and young girls while children come in a close third (Appendix A). Over the years, human trafficking has become rampant worldwide as the demand for human labour and sex slaves drastically multiplies due to the Internet. Communication between traffickers has been become extremely easy through social platforms. It is difficult to fight against human trafficking as a result of a long string of syndicates involved in this illegal business, but with the correct notions, it is possible to combat this nightmare.

One of the proposed solutions is that the government should give high priorities to human trafficking. They should be aware of the severity of this escalating issue. By focusing on this matter, they are capable to churn out ideas to finally put an end to human trafficking. The government needs to be able to properly identify and protect trafficking victims. For example, the government can appoint more agents to work in the field of human trafficking. An increase in manpower will definitely help in many ways such as seeking out leads on illegal syndicates involved. Not only that, the initiations of government or non-government bodies associated with human trafficking will certainly make a significant difference. These bodies are able to spread awareness amongst the public by providing them with facts and the ways the public can contribute. Hence, by prioritising human trafficking, the government and the public are able to realise their roles in preventing the said matter from intensifying. Secondly, the enforcement of strict laws and acts is one of the suggested solutions to overcome human trafficking. The government has a crucial role to play when it comes to imposing laws and acts. There are certain governments in different countries who are not concerned about their people’s well-being, let alone caring for the victims of human trafficking. This has to stop immediately!

The government has to set their sights and attention on protecting their people and preventing the loss of innocent civilians to this heinous crime. Laws and acts regarding human trafficking should be implemented for the sake of the country. For instance, officers must be present at the state borders patrolling at all times for suspicious vehicles. Also, all immigrants’ credentials must be strictly checked before they are allowed into the country. The aforementioned tactics can also be supplemented by increasing the number of task forces in the field as well as passing acts. An example of an act passed in effort to increase the punishment of child exploitation is the PROTECT Act of 2003. By putting these laws and acts into effect, there will be a significant improvement in society. Furthermore, fulfilling international commitments and strengthening partnerships between countries is one of the ways to put a halt to human trafficking. Through partnering with other countries, these countries are able to share their skills and intel with each other with the sole aim of bringing an end to trafficking. The governments of the participating countries can then collaborate and agree on what appropriate actions are to be taken when traffickers are found on their soil.

This way, goals can be achieved by all sides with external help instead of acting alone. Other than that, the partnering countries can create a special purpose fund and organise fundraising events. The special fund which is shared between the participating countries will then be used to endow projects in their countries committed to ending human trafficking. Henceforth, it is not impossible to end this atrocious crime if the whole world teams up. Another strategy to stop human trafficking is to increase awareness to the public especially to women who are more susceptible to fall prey to human traffickers. It is incredibly important to promote awareness to potential victims before they unknowingly get involved.

There are many ways to spread awareness especially in this world of technology. Awareness can be spread through videos on YouTube, community groups on Facebook, status updates on Twitter and e-mails. Traditional ways include hanging up posters and banners, advertising through televisions and radios, campaigns, and so on. To further capture the attention of the civic, A-list celebrities can also get involved in increasing awareness on human trafficking. It is absolutely necessary to educate ourselves on this global problem in order to fight against it. Experts on human trafficking can release tips and guidelines to the public to prevent them from being fooled by the traffickers. With the right amount of knowledge and awareness, it is possible to combat human trafficking.

In order to overcome human trafficking, it is imperative to give adequate support and protection needed to the victims. Support and protection prevent the victims from relapsing and risking their lives by getting involved again. Without the encouragement and care after a traumatic experience, it is probable for the victims to lose hope and fall back into their previous doings that they may have grown accustomed to. Society can easily contribute by building homes for these victims and also offering medical and counselling assistance. Citizens can help by volunteering in these homes to aid the victims back to health and providing them the encouragement they need for a second chance in life. It is tremendously vital that society will come together to welcome the victims with open arms and avoid from ostracising them. Even the smallest gestures will make a huge difference.

In conclusion, one of the main reasons human trafficking is still a widespread problem is due to ignorance. People tend to think that if the problem is not talked about or discussed amongst them, that problem does not exist or that it is not serious. There are still people who are in denial about human trafficking but unfortunately, it is one the deadliest crimes in this world. The proposed solutions may not put a stop to human trafficking completely, but it will, at the very least, reduce the number of cases of that said subject. Simply put, it is crucial that the citizens of the world begin to realise what a huge problem human trafficking has become and join forces to battle against it.


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