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Explore the WebEx Site (www.webex.com) and note all of its
capabilities for both small and large businesses, then answer the following questions.
1. List and describe its capabilities for small-medium and large business. How useful is WebEx? How can it help companies save time and money?
2. Compare WebEx video capabilities with video-conferencing capabilities describe in this case.
3. Describe the steps you would like to compare for a Web conference as opposed to a face-to-face conference.

1. Small-medium businesses:
Cisco helps you collaborate by bringing together your phone, email, text, conferencing, and video, making you more productive. A Cisco Small Business Communications solution offers:
• A better way to communicate. Access information and communicate from anywhere, using any device, on any network.
• An easy way to bring people together. Need to call an urgent meeting? Quickly find out who’s available and the best way to reach them—before you even pick up the phone.
• Phones and applications that work together. Link your customer relationship management (CRM) system or other applications—healthcare, insurance, auto repair—to your communications system to help your team respond quicker to customer requests.

Large businesses:
• Count on enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and security
• Gain a competitive advantage
• Get exactly what you need
• Save money and resources with SaaS innovation
Webex is useful because of the following:
• Put everyone on the same page
• Collaborate in real time
• Get up close and personal with video conferencing
• Never miss another ‘aha!’ moment
• Make your online meetings mobile
It can help companies save time and money because WebEx solutions are provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so there’s no new hardware to implement or scale. Just subscribe to the service and get up and running fast.

• Enjoy the predictable costs of a pay-as-you-go licensing model while eliminating large upfront investments.
• Achieve fast ROI and a low total cost of ownership with included ongoing management, training, support, and automatic upgrades delivered over the web.
• Quickly deploy these solutions to your global users, and get them up and running fast with a simple, intuitive user interface.
• Focus on core strategic business projects instead of day-to-day web conferencing operations.
2. Webex Video capabilities – turning your online meeting into a virtual video conference helps everyone focus on every word. That’s why all WebEx products include streaming video for an unparalleled visual experience. Video-conference capabilities – Web conferencing lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time.

3. Steps in Web conference as opposed to a face-to-face conference:
• WebEx makes sharing your webcam video easy and intuitive – no complicated menus to navigate or manuals to read.
• If you’ve got a webcam enabled, just click the camera icon next to your name in the WebEx interface to start (or stop) sharing.

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