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Last Saturday, dated September 8, 2012 ~ we, students of Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila went to Mall of Asia – SMX Convention Center to attend and watch a wedding event. The event was a wedding expo where there were different of services such as: a) Different gowns were illustrated to suit your taste in gown designs, latest colors, new fashions and trends, which will match to your wedding theme. b) New designs and unique styles of wedding cake were showcased and tasting premium cakes. c) Wedding jewelries.

d) Photo booth with promotional items.
e) Wedding Videography
f) Various styles of photography such as black and white, digital infrared photography etc…
g) Different venues and ideal setting were presented.
h) Creative invitation cards, unique souvenirs items were displayed.
i) Rent a bridal cars
j) Make-up designs were also demonstrated and bridal hairstyles.
k) Perfumes.
l) Wedding party bar – cocktail party
m) Top Catering services also joined the said event such as Hizon’s Catering, Ybarra’s Catering, Tamayo’s Catering, Bizu Private Catering… n) Website design.

The event was successful because a lot of guest and students were present to discover new innovation of the wedding expo. The competitors on the event were plenty; you will gain lots of ideas, and plans in the future. If you are a wise students or shoppers, most likely you will gain insights, discover new innovation, new styles and trends. You can utilize or use this experience when you will be a future event leader.

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