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Project Description
The celebration of the couple’s love, trust, and commitment will be honored with a country themed wedding in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The wedding will have a budget of $15,000 which will include location, photography, flowers, food, cake, and alcoholic beverages. Business Objectives and Success Criteria

• To organize a country themed wedding in New Bethlehem, PA to accommodate 200 guests • Help the couple implement and manage all necessary tasks within the scope of this project that are required to host a successful wedding event • Work within the couples budget, providing professional, detailed, and caring services at reasonable rates • Assist and guide the couple in making informed decisions by evaluating vendor contracts and recommending clarifications • Provide support and solutions to unexpected occurrences • Finalize the wedding program

Criteria Success
Budget of $15,000 Going over budget of no more than 5%
Time Event starts and ends no later 30 minutes behind schedule Vendors All planned vendor services rendered
Event No critical risks identified in the risk response plan Guest Satisfaction No major complaints received
Couple’s Satisfaction All of the couple’s concerns are addressed and positive feedback received
Bride & Groom
Bridal Party
Project Scope
1. Set a preliminary guest list/count
2. Book a Venue: date and time, ceremony, and reception
3. Select the decoration theme
4. Start a contact list of all vendors, bridal party, parents etc.
5. Book Photographer
6. Book Caterer
7. Book Bartender
8. Apparel: wedding gown, bridesmaids
9. Book DJ
10. Save-the-dates
11. Book Florist
12. Order Invitations
13. Book Rental Items
14. Transportation for Bridal Part
15. Book Honeymoon
16. Order/Decide on party favors
17. Book Hair Appointments
18. Confirm Attire: groom, alterations, groomsmen
19. Send invitations
20. Marriage licenses
21. Finalize ceremony outline-readings, music, etc.
22. Finalize programs outline and get printed
23. Confirm with all wedding day vendors
24. Decorate the wedding hall
Assumptions and Dependencies
• Project financing is approved
• Event date is final
• A day of timeline will be provided.
Dimension Constraint
(state limits)
Features Weather, and Wedding theme
Quality Food
Cost $15,000
Schedule 10 month planning period

7. Business Risks
Large Number of unexpected guests
Unexpected rain or storm
Selected flowers not in season
Photographer forgets film and has no back up camera
Food Contamination
Musical Equipment Failure
Run out of food/alcohol
Wedding cake drops
Wedding gifts get stolen
Wedding Dress tears
8. Resources
• Gown
• Bridal Shoes
• Jewelry
• Bridemaids Dresses
• Bridesmaid Accessories
• Grooms Tux
• Groomen tuexes
• Flower girls dress
• Ring barrier
• Flowers
• Invitations
• Reception
• Caterer
• Dj
• Alcohol
• Wedding cake
• Decorations
• Dishes
• Glassware
• Napkins
• Tables
• Chairs
• Guest book
• Balloons
• Transportation
• Marriage licenses
• Hairdresser
• Photographer
• Wedding banks

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