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I have been asked by Mary-Jo parents to prepare a wedding event that will fulfill her daughter’s dreams. I will provide information that will give you the image and details regarding activities and cost of the event.

Business Case
This project charter proposes the planning a proper and legal wedding for Mark and Mary-Jo, entitled the Wedding Project for Mark and Mary-Jo. This project was initiated by Mary-Jo’s parents in regards to her recent engagement. I will provide information in regards to having a memorable wedding experience, leave all parties involved with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. I will be providing all information that is required to have everything done on a schedule in a timely manner with the wedding being in a time frame of 3 months. I understand that there is a budget constraint of $20,000, and invitation list of 150 relatives and friends. This Charter formally authorizes the Wedding Project for Mark and Mary-Jo to plan and implement their wedding in the best way possible. The project plan is to be developed and submitted to the Project Sponsor to be approved. All resources will be assigned by the Project Sponsor.

Project Objectives
The objective of the Wedding Proposal for Mark and Mary-Jo is to plan a memorable wedding for Mark and Mary-Jo with requirements and constraints, as defined by the parents of the bride, who are the Project Sponsors funding the project. The wedding is expected to take place in 3 months, in a reception hall, with a target of 150 attendees. The wedding ceremony should be proper and legal, and the wedding is to fall within a budget of $20,000 The project deliverables will include:

Reception site arranged and fully decorated
Catered dinner ( wedding cake)
Chairs and covers rented
Music DJ
Wedding invitations
Schedule of wedding day

Thank you letters
Marriage contract and licence
Wedding night hotel room
Wedding gown
Brides hair, makeup, and accessories,
Groom attire

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