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Well Being Benefits of the Industrial Revolution Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The well being of every human is what is said to be the first priority of every politician, nonetheless, it the first thing that we look at when we try to help ourselves in our everyday lives. During the Industrial Revolution, we saw dramatic changes in the way we created everyday products. These products were made faster, cheaper, and reduced the need of skilled workers, or all workers in some views. The Standard of living and child labor were some factors that affected the well being of every person during this time.

During the Industrial Revolution the Standard of living was set to increase due to the fact that people had more money to spend. This was onset due to the fact that the ski

lled labor jobs were now open to people who were not as skilled. The middle and higher class average

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income almost doubled during the time, and the average lower income grew almost three quarters and the creation of a variety of more jobs, actually brought unemployment down in unskilled labor.

Also the Industrial Revolution started up again major concerns in Child labor laws and worker safety laws. As more and more children began entering the work force, the growing concern for their safety allowed several laws that began the laws we enact today. The act of children working was not the problem at first, but the factory system that physically hurt the children the most.

The laws before the industrial revolution forced employers to either educate, or obtain educated young employees for dangerous jobs. After they were not enforced during the time period, the damage was great. Later laws did not allow factory jobs to youth younger than the age of 14, but were usually found unconstitutional. It was not until the late 1930s that the laws were truly established and upheld, and gave the youth a better chance in life.

As the standard of living grew and the labor laws in general were being better established, people were enjoying themselves more. Along with increased adult activities like gambling and drinking for fun, increased in times, families seemed to be in a more molded together.

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