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According to ComScore, there are about 55.1% of 1.5 billion people visit website “ Facebook.com “ up to the end of November 2011. Facebook is a kind of Social Networking. Social Networking is an online service, people can share interests, activities, photos, videos… Not only do students use social networking, but many staffs of companies also use social networking to discuss working. Many people use social networking for many different purposes but they don’t know social networking also has many negative effects. There are three main negative effects of social networking that we can see easily, such as: affecting relationships, health or be cheated.

First, social networking can affect relationships negatively. Before the development of social networking, people often went out for many activities, such as: meeting friends, watching movies, joining extracurricular activities… They had time to talk together. However, since the social networking was developed, most people have wasted all day for interacting mainly on social networking sites. They only like chatting on the Internet. Gradually, they don’t like meeting with friends and live in a virtual world. Social networking is not only used to share information, photos but also can be used as a way to vent feeling. For example, a person got mad with another person and social networking sites are the place that they can vent their feeling with harsh words. Gradually, they lose their friend just because they pay too much attention on social networking and don’t care about the real life.

Second, health is also a negative effect of social networking sites. Adolescents waste all day and all night to watch videos, play games or chat on social networking sites. They don’t have time to eat, sleep or go out, so they can get mental fatigue easily. Watching on computer’s screen for hours can reduce people’s vision. Moreover, people that become addicted to social networking often have an unrealistic lifestyle. They make for themselves an unrealistic, virtual life and live in it. When they have any difficult, they were shocked because real life is not the same as they imagined. Depression is also an effect of social networking on health. For example, today, teenagers often don’t like to confide with their parents. They don’t want face to face with the problem that they had, they share it on social networking sites and find the comforts from their friends. Suddenly, they became depressed. In addition, people can break the law because they live in this unrealistic world of social networking.

Finally, people can be cheated on social networking sites by many sophisticated swindles. Not only chatting, searching information, sharing, but social networking also can be used as business. People introduce the products that they want to sell. Especially, Clothing is the most sold product on social networking sites. It can be good without cheating. People often are not satisfied, the material of cloth is not good or pay money without shipping. For example, my friend used to order a laptop online – it is about two thousand dollars and she paid money through PayPal. However, when she called to the store and they didn’t get her order. It was a fake email that hackers had sent. On social networking sites, people share information but it can be stolen to hack the account by many ways.

In conclusion, social networking sites have many negative effects that are very dangerous. To reduce them, the school can have guidance or advice for their students and show the hiding risks of social networking. Social networking can be good with the good purposes but don’t abuse it too much.

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