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When you were in high school, you dreamed of going to college, probably because your friends were going to or you parents went to. Therefore, you felt that going to college would help you to get a good job and become financially independent. You might also have wanted to learn more; but, frankly speaking, not all have that motive in going to college.

However, now that you are here, you might seriously ask yourself the following questions. Why you are here and what do you expect to get out of college? At bottom, you should have a desire to accumulate knowledge, to learn something new, enrich your mind and learn a number of facts. In other words, you want to become an educated person. After four years of time, effort and money expended, what will you have within you to justify four years of studying in college?

First of all, you should be able to express your ideas simply and creditably. College may not make you a literary genius or a fascinating speaker, but it should give the power to say what you want to say and make people listen to it. In the second place, you stay in college will teach you more about the world you live in, the people who live in it and the current ideas around you. The past has a wonderful gift for you; and an eager acceptance and investigation of this knowledge that has piled up for so many centuries will serve you as good capital when you go out into the world.

In the third place, your college career should enable you to form correct opinion – opinions which are result of serious thought and understanding. Thus, you will not be a person who cannot make up his mind, who depends on others to make it up for him. Finally, college will teach you more about yourself. More than half of the people who go to college enter as kids and emerge as grown-ups. You have a lot of growing up to do in four years. You may not attain full maturity, but certainly you will grow up to be a better person.

College is a period of self-comparison, self-analysis and self-development. You will learn to work hard and you will enjoy yourself. You will probably
unconsciously acquire traits that you admire in your friends and professors. As you learn more and more, you will begin to change for the better; you will develop your personality. But that is possible only if you keep constantly on your toes and try harder and harder.

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