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A good person is someone that is charitable, honest, and moral. A good person always tries to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences of their actions. They treat everyone the same regardless of differences between them and other people. They judge everyone fairly. They do not prejudge people because of their circumstances in life.

A good person is someone you can trust to be honest. Sometimes the truth is not what people want to hear, but a good person would tell the truth anyway. You should never let your job, church, or school tell you to lie about any situation, if you know the truth, because that makes you a bad person. If you are not truthful in life, it could cause problems for other people. You should always be truthful because it is the right thing to do.

I think people who do charitable work are good people if they are doing it for moral reasons or personal convictions but not if they are doing it for financial reasons, such as a tax write-off. I think that people should be charitable, regardless of the fact that they benefit financially. I think that good people give charitable all the time because it is a habit and second nature to them. Good people do not have to think about being charitable, they are.

A good person reacts to any injustices they fill have been committed. They do not let anyone tell them how to feel about the injustice, they speak up. If you sit back and allow someone to get away with doing something wrong and you could prevented that does not make you a good person. I think a good person stands up for what is right and speaks up when something is wrong.

A good person has to morally be able to distinguish between right and wrong. I think a good person has to have sound moral judgment. Our laws are not based on morality, so a good person has to able to balance follow their moral beliefs and the laws. If your moral beliefs conflict with your job, such as treating patients at a hospital, you need to let your job know. It is not right to withhold treatment because you feel it is morally incorrect because your actions might endanger someone’s life and that would make you a bad person. It is alright to uphold your moral beliefs as long as you speak up and let your job know of the conflict.

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