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Everyone always has to have a place to be born, a place to grow up and a place to become yourself. It’s true that emotional aspects influence profoundly upon how one visualizes home. However, physical aspects are the house of home. Without land, a physical place, the picture about home in one’s soul will not come out easily. In fact, many people who are capable of building thousand houses find it hard to really build a home. A house is a simply a shelter while a home is a family with full of love and care. Home has different meanings and memories for each person. For myself, home is my homeland, thus home is very meaningful because home is always in my heart with love. The quote “the power of motherland so fundamental to the part of the world seems palliative.” in Holly Morris’ Ted Talk titled “Why stay in Chernobyl? Because it’s home,” really impacts me. Morris demonstrates the importance of deep connection between home and people. Firstly, home is homeland, a person who lives without knowing about homeland will suffer from a very deep loss within his soul.

Our homeland might not be perfect, but it holds invaluable and sacred aspects that have already become part of ourselves since the day we appear in this life. Moreover, I was born and grew up in an Asian culture that values the importance of a physical home to make prosperity, as a proverb goes “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” We first need a place to settle down, to train ourselves to become good individuals in both family care and career. That has to be solid in order to give us enough courage and strength to face and overcome many challenges in the outer-world. Furthermore, home is family, close friends, nice neighbors, lovers, and anything that always has a place deep in one’s heart as the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” Coming to the United State as a new immigrant, I leave behind my parents, my sisters and my dearest son on the half of the globe. No matter how warm this country welcomes me, how much people here adore me, they cannot fully replace my family back home. My homesick has followed me since the first day I had arrived here.

I wish to study and work hard to support my family back home. After I retire one day, I wish to go back my home where I was born, grew up; where all emotional values have firmly been built up on and deeply dwelt within a physical and actual land. That is my true home. Homeland is very sacred to each person. It’s a foundation to develop and nourish a human being because it shows who you are. Just by visiting your homeland, people will see through the whole culture that has nourished you, be in-touch with many generations of ancestors in the past that brought you up. For me, “home” is the most meaningful symbol which ever stays in my heart. No matter where I stay and go to in the future, my home is always in Vietnam where I have full of love, where I grew up, played, laughed, cried, and matured.

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