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I love my family and I don’t want to be a part of another family because every family is special. I don’t want to change it to another because as I already said every family is special and everybody should love their own family no matter what because it’s the most important thing they have and they should respect it. A family is a group of people who will always love and understand each other no matter what. A family is when there is a cake and you will have to share and divide it between all the people in the family even If you know that they won’t eat it you have to offer it to them. A family is when you and your family have a vocation somewhere next to the sea or ocean, and you will have to be on the family photo picture even if you are not photogenic. A family is when mom hides the sweets away but my brother and I know where it is and when we find them and eat them all once. A family is when I go to sleep and ask my mom to go with me and fall asleep holding her hand and I expect her to be there when I wake up in the morning. A family is when I argue with my older brother and then start crying our parents yell at him only because his older. A family is when parents come home from shopping and my brother and I are searching for sweets and tasty in the bags hoping that our parents got some for us.

A family is when you are mature enough to live your own life but your mom still gives you an advice how to make a dinner or remove stains from your clothes. A family is when you as a child fall asleep in some funny weird position and your parents take a picture of you and video tape you, and then when you grow up the show it to you and we all laugh. A family is when you don’t want to go to school for some reason and you keep asking and asking and asking your mom to let you stay and home till she finally let you, and you think that she is the best mom in the world. A family is when your family has a big event going on, and some relatives who haven’t seen you for a while keep telling you how much you grew up. A family is when everybody laughs, cries and loves together. Sometimes it is hard to tolerate and deal with your family but life without them unbearable and dull. An unknown author once said, “Families are like fudge—mostly sweet with a few nuts”. My family is the most important aspect to my life.

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