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Introduction of TOPIC

A hurricane is a violent tropical revolving storm with heavy rainfall and strong winds.


Step 1: Warm seas 26-27 degrees

Step 2: Air above heats up

Step 3: Convection Currents occur

Step 4: Air rises, cool and condenses- clouds form.

Step 5: Warm air encourages evaporation which means that there is plenty of moisture available for rain.


In areas of intense low pressure where the air follows a spiral pattern.

Over warm moist sea, 8 degrees to 15 degrees north and south of the equator.

They normally move westwards and polewards after they reach land – although when they have they do tend to die out due to lack of moisture.


Normally in late summer and early autumn.


A hurricanes life- span is normally 7- 14 days.

The winds average 160 km per hour and very heavy falls from cumulo- nimbus clouds.

This can cause:


Damage to power and water supplies

Mud slides

Houses are demolished especially near the coast.

Damage to crops and industries

And damage to roads.

Can it be prevented?

No, although it can be predicted:

Low pressure can be estimated from satellite images and meteorological measurements.

Its effects can also be minimised by:

Boarding up windows with wood, draw blinds and place a mattress in the window frame to prevent flying glass.

Evacuating near the coastline.

Building up sea defences

Or securely fixing down any loose objects near outside windows or doors.

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