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What is Computer Crime? Essay Sample

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What is Computer Crime? Essay Sample

It is unfortunate to see that the number of computer crimes is increasing and has been considerably swelling during the last few decades. However, computer and information technology provide many benefits for everyone. Although, they have sometimes used to annoy or harm people. This trend has caused several social issues as public property, unauthorized using password of someone, stealing a billion dollar from bank or personal account, accessing on government data and others. It is agreed that, this injurious action must not have the same punishment like physical offences.

This thesis will be proven true by analysing the adverse effects of this practice on public property and society. First, it is largely accepted that committing crimes on computer is a serious problem. However, we don’t know how serious. Some studies have estimated that each year the total money lost from in all robberies is lesser than the sum total of that taken in computer crimes. Cybercrime, is a criminal activity which involves the use of computer and other technological devices, and it can also be from downloading music to stealing millions of dollars.

People should stop thinking of both as not seeing related to each other. It is necessary to recognize and treat cybercrimes with higher law system and punishment compared to traditional crimes. It is time that government and security agencies realise how much this kind of crimes affect societies and work together to deal with this offence action. It is also completely unconscious that to negligee this practice, this action law and that is not advantage for the society like child pornography, stealing data from government even money in bank and fraud.

On other hand, Nowadays, stealing and committing crimes through computer and others twist of technological is the easier way for the criminal to commit crimes because they do know that cybercrime has the less penalties, so the outlaws benefit of this tolerance to injure the innocent. Cybercrime is out of control, it is everywhere. The statistic shows that, over than two billion record lost for stealing and last years a hundred of Americans have lost their health insurance through this action.

The government should establish a specific law against those criminals that could affect them and also punish them hardly. Those criminals are dangerous, they don’t care about anything and what happen to the victim so we can no simulate their penalties as a physical crime. As we know it is easy to defend against traditional crimes such robbery, violence, murder, countless others because we do know who is the cause of this kind of crime after committing it through the camera with the increase of the technology.

Although, it widely different from computer crimes because there is no thing that could record them while they are doing the action and obviously, there is no only one that is involved it is kind of a group that constitute a reseau and it is well know that this practice is common no one really knows exactly how much is committed because much of it is either undetectable or unreportable. It is believed that those people in the criminal justice system have needed to develop more expertise and undergo more training to deal this illegal activity.

After, analysing the possible menace of public property and society. It has been clearly shown that, this action must not definitely have the exact penalties as physical offences because it is the easier way to commit crimes, the technology is something that is growing up and become faster every single day because of internet. The solution is the government should create several factors even though modified the constitution of law crimes to insure a strong law against this kind of practice.

Technology, should be use in the right way to develop our system, daily life, to secure the important data of government, to make an invention as artificial intelligence that could help society in the real life and to not using this to offence people that is really annoy for our society. This action could also involve children education as pornography child or terrorist that might lead them to a bad behaviour.

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