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Every big decision begins with the process of critical thinking. Critical thinking plays a huge role in everyday decision making whether it be at work or personal. There are a few main elements to critical thinking. Understanding these elements can help someon use critical thinking in the decision-making process. Issues Issues in the role of critical thinking are simply questions. “The first order of business when it comes to thinking critically

comes to thinking critically about an issue is to determine what, exactly, the issue is” (Moore & Parker, Critical Thinking, Ch. 1). Determining what the real issue or question is can sometimes be difficult but this must be the first step. Also, issues can be subjective or objective. A subjective issue is a question with someone’s opinion of the truth. An objective issue is a question witch doesn’t matter whether a person believes it to be true or not because if it is true no single person’s opinion matters. Arguments

An argument contains two parts. One of these parts is the premise or premises. A premise is a reason for accepting a claim or belief. The premise only supports the conclusion if it is true and relevant to the claim. The second part of an argument is the conclusion to the claim. Truth and Knowledge. Truth is something you can prove without reasonable doubt. If something is to be true then a person using evidence to support that truth. Knowledge is something that we accept to be true if we believe in it. Believing something, can present an argument that justifies the belief, and we have no reason to suspect that we are mistaken.


By understanding the elements of critical thinking, you will clearly be able to make logical decisions. Being able to make logical decisions is a great way to help you with your everyday professional and personal life.


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