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Organizational Culture is depends on the individuals and groups of which the organization is made up of. It is the views, values, goals and morals of the individuals within the organization that create organizational culture. In a company culture often comes from the founders and the leaders of that particular company. These founders and leaders set an example of the certain behaviors and ethics of which they would want their employees to follow. Companies want to hire employees who share the same values and goals as the company itself. Organizational culture may change gradually over time as the organizations people change along with their values and beliefs.

The sources of differences in ethics between people, communities, and nations, are all very different but one common source is organizational culture. People must abide by the rules of the community and the ordinance of laws both moral and legal. Companies unlike people are not obligated to operate in “good fate” or to treat their employees with respect. They may not follow the same moral or legal laws as individuals on certain occasions. Nations like communities, are not bound by the same rules as individuals. Taking all of this into consideration, organizational culture is a source of ethics because it depends on what goals and values people, companies and a nation have to create the ethics for that group or organization. References:

I put my information together for this assignment using the information I read from different sites using www.yahooanswers.com and www.wisegeek.org and www.experts123.com. (No part of my essay is a direct quote from any source.)

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