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What is positive parenting? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Positive parenting is when you encourage good behavior in your children by setting a clear set of rules, rewarding good behavior, good communication, and pushing healthy self-esteem within your child. This teaches them what’s right from wrong without being too harsh since they don’t know any better. 2. What is discipline? How does it differ from punishment?

Discipline is when you are teaching your child based upon their mistakes. Punishment is when you make a child pay after they have done something against the rules. 3. What is active listening? Why is it used by parents?

Active listening is when the child is from constantly given feedback about what they do. Parents use active listening in order to teach their child based on what they do so that their child can learn for the next time. 4. What is guidance? Provide an example of a parent providing guidance to a child? Guidance is when you teach your child to act a certain way. An example of guidance is telling your child to use their “inside voices”. 5. Where can families and parents f

ind support and resources? You can find support at Hospitals, Churches, Schools, and local Community

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Centers. Also federal programs such as head start and Medicaid are forms of support. Critical Thinking Questions

1. Why are consequences an important part of positive parenting? Consequences are important because they show the child their mistakes and how not to do them again. Without consequences the child will continue doing the same mistakes over and over again.

2. Why is it important that parents establish a positive relationship and positive communication with babies and young children? This makes sure that the child grows up to respect and trust their parent. It also lets the child know that they are loved, wanted, and that their opinon and output really matters.

3. Imagine that you are a parent and your toddler begins speaking in “baby talk” frequently. Using what you’ve learned in the module, what are some ways that you might approach this situation? I wouldn’t worry too much about it since they are toddlers and their communication skills are limited. However, I would speak to my child in my normal voice since they are more likely to try to imitate their parent and speak as they do.

4. Imagine that you are a parent and your school-aged daughter was caught shoplifting a bracelet from a store. Using what you’ve learned in the module, what are some of the ways that you might approach this situation? I would teach her the importance of not stealing and make sure I clearly let her know the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong. I would then make her apologize to the shop that she stole the bracelet from, and then take something away for her so she really knows what she did is wrong. (i.e. Take away television privileges for a week or no playing outside for a week).

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