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Rape is define as the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse or any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. How to prevent RAPE? 1. Stay Aware Do not jog or walk with your iPod, mp3 or others, because attackers are looking for someone which is easy to be attack which mean that someone is not paying attention to the environment. When

not paying attention to the environment. When you are listening to the music, you will not aware with the environment and this will make you become their prey.

2. Learn to trust your sixth sense
It can save you from being raped or worse. If you feel bad premonition, you need to believe your sixth sense and avoid to take the way.

3. Try to avoid ponytails
Girls with ponytails hairstyle are the number one style that rapists want to attack because it is easy to grab them.

4. Clothing
You should be aware with what you are wearing because the rapist is looking for the clothing that is easy to remove quickly.

5. Carry a defensive item.
When you are walking either alone or with friend, try bring some defensive item, such as, umbrella, pepper spray, or something else that can use to attack them. And please make this as a habit. When you are carrying some defensive item, they will try to avoid you since that you may not easy to attack, or else, when they attack you, you still can use it to fight back, but the important thing that is you know how to use it.

6. Yell, shout and draw attention.
When you are attack by the rapist, you should yell to draw someone attention to you to avoid the rapist continue to attack you, because when you start to yell, people will aware of you, and the rapist scare them will be seen by others, and therefore runaway.

7. Take some self defense course
You should go to learn some self defense technique, such as wushu, taekwondo, karate or others. This kind of course is useful during the time you being attack.

8. Van is the number 1 vehicle that used in rapes
You should understand that vans is the type of vehicle that involve in rape frequently. If a van is park next to your car and also next to the driver’s side of your car, you should go in through the passenger’s door. If there are vans on both sides, then you should go back to where you from and get someone that is trustable to accompany you to walk to your car. Remember that do not park at the place that you feel unsafe.

9. Walk with confidence
When you are walking, you should walk confidently, because when you walk confidently, the attackers will try to avoid you and choose someone which they think is weak.

10. Attack sensitive place or organ
If you are being attack by someone, you should not panic but should calm down and think what you should do in a short time. When you are being attack, you can just kick his important part, which is his reproductive organ. When you kick there, he will feel pain and attention will distracted, and that is the time for you to runaway. Other than that, you still can attack through poke his eye hardly. But, you only can choose to attack when there is only one attacker, because when you choose to attack and there are many rapist at that time, your situation will become worst.

11. Make an eye contact
When you are walking, you should try to make eye contact with people that is potential to become a rapist. This will make the potential feel that you can recognize their face and they will not choose to attack you.

12. Avoid walking on poorly lighted streets.
When the street is dark, you should try to avoid to take the way but take another way. Because when the street is dark, you would not know if there is anybody hidden in the dark. The probability for you to being attack is very high.

13. Fight back
If you put up any kind of fight at all, they will get discouraged because it takes time for them to attack you since you fight back, and because of that, they will give up because realize that you are not worth to attack as you are just time consuming.

14. Rehearsal
We should take precautious step before it is happen. When we are free, sometimes we should think how to respond and attack if facing the rape situation. If we have think about it, when we being attack, we will know what to do, and will not panic. Take as example, when a girl is being attack, she had think this before, she will know what to react and of course she won’t panic and can give a suitable attack in a short time.

15. Avoid walking with high heels

16. Do not panic.

What to do if raped?

1. If you decide to report to the police, you must NOT take a shower immediately after the rape, because this will remove all the evidence to determine the identity of the rapist. If you take a shower before the DNA of the rapist is collected, if you can recognize the rapist also no use, because you did not have the evidence to make a charge on him.

2. Do not change your clothing because it is also a important evidence for the police to identify the rapist. If you really want to change it, you should put it in a paper bag, but not plastic bag, because it is believed that plastic bags can cause degradation of biological material as a result of heat encountered in the bag. Even the clothing is put in the paper bag, it is the best is kept cool.

3. Notify the authorities immediately. Go or call to the police immediately for report the crime. If you report it earlier, the chance to arrest the rapist is higher, because within the first 72 hours is the golden hour to catch him.

4. Immediately make a medical checkup to check for HIV and check for the possible infections and pregnancy.

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